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Finding EV charging outlets in Thailand is now simple thanks to a Google Maps update

In response to the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) in Thailand, Google Maps has introduced a new feature that makes it simple to locate a location at which you can charge your vehicle. After seeing a year-over-year increase of 350% in the number of searches for electric vehicle charging stations in the kingdom, Google decided to roll out the new feature. Launch the app, and then search for electric vehicle charging stations to locate a list of chargers in your immediate area. The power rating is presented, giving drivers the ability to select either a quick or a leisurely charging option for their vehicles. There are currently 1,200 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Thailand, the most majority of which are located in and around the country’s capital. The federal government virtually doubled its goal of installing 750 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations around the country by the end…