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Thailand’s Civil Aviation Authority has issued an advisory to airlines about new entrance rules that go into effect immediately


Returning Thai citizens do not need to register for the Thailand Pass, but must show proof of immunization or a negative test result. According to Suttipong, fully vaccinated travelers do not need to submit a negative test result in order to enter Thailand. According to Suttipong, foreigners who do not have a Thailand Pass QR code may be denied boarding, albeit the airlines are responsible for checking this. Suttipong says that the Thailand Pass registration process is now easier and more convenient, according to a Bangkok Post piece. Foreign tourists to Thailand who buy a $10,000 Covid-19 insurance policy can register for the Thailand Pass and get a QR code without waiting for their application to be accepted.

Thailand’s Civil Aviation Authority has alerted international airlines of new entrance criteria that will take effect today. The first group consists of fully vaccinated travelers who should use an antigen test to self-screen for Covid-19 symptoms. Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people in Group 2 must obtain an antigen or PCR test 72 hours before travel. Foreign visitors who have not acquired a Thailand Pass QR code make up the third group. All international airlines operating in Thailand, according to CAAT president Suttipong Kongpool, are obligated to screen and categorize passengers into three classes.

To compete with Grab and others, AirAsia built a super-app


AirAsia is initially focusing on the Bangkok market in order to attract more international visitors before expanding into tourist spots such as Chiang Mai and Phuket. There are already 3,000 registered drivers in Bangkok, with plans to add more as tourism expands. You can now download the AirAsia Super App: Fly & Ride app to your phone. AirAsia, a popular low-cost Malaysian airline, debuted its own app for ride-hailing in Thailand today, offering a variety of services ranging from vehicle rides akin to Grab and Bolt, to flight reservations and meal ordering, in an already burgeoning market.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Nathan Naidu, AirAsia’s entry of the ride-hailing market will be difficult. It will have to pay a lot of money to recruit drivers. However, my experience in other Southeast Asian markets has taught me that Southeast Asians are not yet wedded to their platforms, so they can be persuaded to switch using incentives like coupons and promotions.

Teachers have no right to trim pupils’ hair, according to Thailand’s education minister.


Thailand’s education minister acknowledged that teachers are not allowed to clip kids’ hair as a method of punishment for breaking hairstyle guidelines. Trinuch Thienthong claims that her government has no such policy and that teachers have no right to humiliate kids by cutting their hair.

According to a Bangkok Post report, the minister believes that verbal warnings, assigning demerit points, and requiring students to participate in activities aimed at rectifying their behavior are all acceptable punishments. Cutting their hair, on the other hand, is not an option. Trimming or cutting a student’s hair to punish them, according to Trinuch, could be deemed unnecessarily harsh and possibly threatening in order to induce a change in behavior. She acknowledges that discipline is an important element of the educational system, but she believes that forced haircuts have no place in the classroom and do not teach kids about their duties and responsibilities. She goes on to clarify that there are ministerial laws that allow students in specific areas, such as the dramatic arts or dancing, to wear a hairstyle that meets course criteria.