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Thailand’s food export industry is threatened by migrant labor shortages


The tourism, service, industrial, and export industries in Thailand all need more workers. The Federation of Trade Unions has encouraged the government to address the labor shortfall as soon as possible by negotiating memorandums of understanding with neighboring countries in order to increase migrant worker inflows. As a result of Thailand’s reopening of its borders and the loosening of more controls against Covid, economic activity has expanded, resulting in a stronger demand for more labor. The export sector will play a big role in growing GDP this year. According to the National Food Institute, Thailand’s food export value is anticipated to exceed 1.2 trillion baht. The possibility of global food shortages as a result of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has pushed many countries to purchase and stockpile Asian food. Thailand, according to the FTI, will be unaffected by the labor crisis because the country’s agricultural output is sufficient and it is a significant food exporter.

According to Kriengkrai Thiennukul, Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), the Thai food industry has experienced a surge in larger overseas orders, but the honeymoon period may be short due to a severe labor shortage in the sector. The Thai food sector has prepared raw materials to satisfy increased demand as a result of a raw material shortage caused by the war. The food sector employs a total of 500,000 Thai and foreign workers.The Covid19 pandemic produced low labor in Thailand, prompting a large number of migrant laborers to migrate to Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia, causing challenges for the food industry and supply lines.

Thai airports are expected to have 22 million passengers in 2022, according to the Ministry of Transportation


A supervised ATK test will be necessary for travelers who have not received a negative ATK or PCR test within 72 hours of arriving in Thailand. Thailand is bracing for a boom in Chinese tourists, who were previously the country’s most numerous visitors. We’ll keep a watch on the latest travel restrictions imposed by China. On the other hand, visitors from other countries, such as India, have already returned to Thailand.

As of tomorrow, Thai people will no longer be required to register for the Thailand Pass app, but they will be required to provide a vaccination certificate as well as a Covid-19 test, ATK, or PCR upon arrival. If we could attract more Chinese tourists, the number of Chinese tourists would rise. Thailand’s Transport Minister, Saksayam Chidchob, announced that from June 1, every airport in the country will be ready to welcome more tourists. The Minister set a goal of 22 million visitors for this year. The number has only recently crossed one million (mid-May).

Saksayam attended a formal seminar at Suvarnabhumi Airport yesterday in preparation for the Thailand Pass adjustments that will take place tomorrow (Wednesday). He double-checked a number of places throughout the airport, including the disease control checkpoint, passport checkpoint, and customs checkpoint, to ensure that the facilities and staff were ready to assist arriving passengers.

He then joined a video chat with representatives from other Thai airports, where he listened to briefings. According to Saksayam, Suvarnabhumi Airport is expected to see 70,000 travelers per day in June, with 54 percent foreign passengers and 43 percent local passengers. Thailand has set a goal of 22 million visitors by 2022, which Saksayam believes it will achieve. In addition, from 440 in May to 480 in June, the number of flights would increase. Last month, China tightened border controls for all ‘non-essential’ travel and maintained the Zero Covid policy, with major sections of Shanghai and Beijing remaining under lockdown. This year, China’s borders are unlikely to reopen completely. International travelers who have been vaccinated must still use the Thailand Pass app to register and show proof of health insurance before being allowed to enter the country without taking the Covid-19 test.

Thailand is bracing for rain and flooding again


Be prepared for accumulating rains that could trigger flashfloods, according to a warning from the Thai Meteorological Department that will be familiar to everyone who lives in the country. Thailand’s rainy season is still going strong. Expect strong to very heavy rainfall across the country’s northeast, central, east, and southern regions from tomorrow, May 27, to Tuesday, May 31 (Tuesday). The current Monsoon in Thailand’s southwest is forecast to intensify.

Ships in the upper Gulf and the Andaman Sea should exercise caution and avoid locations where thundershowers are expected, according to the department. A yacht capsized in choppy waters in Thailand’s southern province of Krabi earlier this week. The yacht’s three guests, who had climbed into a tiny dinghy, were rescued by a fishing boat.

After ten hours of severe rain, Bangkok flooded in numerous parts last week. Chatuchak, Lak Si, Don Mueang, and Lat Phrao are the most impacted places. The water level rose to more than 1 metre in several spots. Traffic delays were created by the floods, particularly at Ratchayothin Intersection and Ratchadapisek – Lat Phrao Intersection.

Expect strong winds and big waves in Thailand’s Andaman Sea and Gulf, as they have been over the past month. Waves in the Andaman will be 2-3 meters high, while waves in the upper Gulf of Thailand will be 2 meters high. Waves are likely to exceed 3 meters during thundershowers.