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An auction for three satellite slots brought in 806 million baht

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission auctioned three of five satellite orbital slot packages to three bidders for 806 million baht on Sunday. It stated none of the three qualified companies bid for packages one or five, but the commission auctioned the other three for 806.076 million baht. The commission approved three companies to bid last week: Space Tech Innovation, a Thaicom subsidiary, Prompt Technical Services, a 2000 electrical installation service company, and state-run National Telecom. Thailand received the following five packages from the International Telecommunication Union: Package 1: 50.5 degrees East slot with C1, N1, and P1R networks, and 51 degrees East slot with 51 network. The bidding began at 374 million baht. Package 2: 78.5 degrees East, with networks A2B and LSX2R. The bidding began at 360 million baht. Package 3: 119.5 degrees East on the IP1, P3, and LSX3R networks, and 120 degrees East on the 120E…