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100 Days of Madness: Move Forward Party’s Unprecedented Plan to Reshape Thailand – Lightning Speed Reforms!

A supporter enthusiastically waves a Move Forward flag at a well-attended rally that took place at Samyan Mitrtown in Bangkok on a recent Saturday night. The atmosphere was electric as the Move Forward Party (MFP) disclosed their ambitious roadmap for the initial 100 days of their potential tenure in government.

The MFP’s plan delineates the formation of the next administration and the fulfillment of their 300 far-reaching campaign promises. Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat provided insights into the policy priorities set to be deployed within this 100-day framework, while the remaining policies will be gradually executed during the first year in power. The comprehensive list of the party’s 300 policies can be accessed (in Thai) on its official Facebook page.

Mr. Limjaroenrat assured the attending crowd that a Move Forward-led government would tap into executive power throughout its first 100 days to facilitate a referendum, enabling the constitution’s rewrite by an elected assembly. Moreover, the party intends to prompt the cabinet for an immediate resumption of the contested Marriage Equality Bill’s deliberation, a legislative act currently languishing on hold.

The Move Forward leader shared that pending politically-motivated legal proceedings would undergo further examination, as a proposed amnesty law would grant pardons to those implicated in past and ongoing cases of this nature. Promoting transparency is another cornerstone of MFP’s proposals, as the full-scale restructuring of the bureaucratic apparatus would be realized through the issuance of new rules and ministerial regulations, as well as the abolishment of existing ones.

Specifically, a wide range of Interior Ministry regulations, identified as hindrances to local administrative entities’ progress and their bid for administrative freedom, will be rendered obsolete, declared Mr. Limjaroenrat. Other high-priority initiatives include reintroducing the party’s advanced liquor bill to the legislative process, previously quashed during its second and third readings in the House. Advocates for this amendment to the Excise Tax Act claim it could dismantle the long-established monopoly dominated by a select few corporate distillers and brewers, offering smaller-scale entrepreneurs market access.

Additionally, the party has mapped out an urgent policy to disperse over 6.5 million rai of titled land to cooperative members and those in self-founded settlements. They also aim to launch “net metering,” an innovative electricity billing method to “store” surplus energy generated by domestic solar panel systems within the grid. As a result, unused energy produced by home solar panel setups will be credited back to households on their utility bills.

With 45 draft bills at the ready for parliamentary submission should they ascend to governing power, the MFP anticipates passing legislation to abolish mandatory military conscription and substitute it with a voluntary enlistment policy. Mr. Limjaroenrat also mentioned Move Forward’s eagerness to reopen the criminal cases connected to the 2010 crackdowns on red-shirt demonstrations, in a further show of dedication to their reformist agenda.

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