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30 Years of Excellence Revealed: Secrets from the Heart of Thailand’s Legendary Dusit Thani College! Can You Handle the Shocking Truth?

The Bangkok Post, Thailand’s premier English-language media outlet, recently had the extraordinary chance to mingle with hospitality professionals and partake in engaging workshops at the revered Dusit Thani College. This distinguished institution is known for its focus on the hospitality industry and operates under the distinguished banner of Dusit International. The occasion for this grand event was the commemoration of the college’s magnificent 30-year anniversary.

The commemorative program saw its participants enjoy themselves at The Chinese Restaurant, safely nestled within the Dusit Princess Srinakarin Hotel, Bangkok, where the cheerful presence of Frouke Gerbens, Rector of Dusit Thani College, and the wholehearted assistance of the Department of Public Relations, made everyone feel right at home. The activities for the day were meticulously planned, featuring lively workshops such as cocktail mixing, supervised by stellar instructors from the Hotel Management Program, and Madeleine baking, helmed by the experts from the Culinary Arts Program. After this hands-on experience, the attendees were treated to an insightful tour around the college, which further illustrated the immersive teaching methods pursued to groom the brightest stars in Thailand’s tourism and hospitality sector.

Frouke Gerbens, whose leadership has been pivotal to Dusit Thani College, opened up about the institution’s unique narrative. The esteemed Dusit Thani Hotel’s founder, Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui, birthed the idea of the college, rendering it Thailand’s pioneering and singular academic institution catering to the high-demand hospitality industry. Playing a critical role in the development of thousands of hospitality students over the past three decades, Dusit Thani College has constantly adapted its curriculum to keep pace with the ever-evolving industry expectations, thus presenting a trove of Bachelor programs and an insightful Master program. The college’s prominent Bachelor of Business Administration Programs, offered in both Thai and International streams, explore the realms of hotel management and culinary arts, while the Master program focuses on business administration (MBA) within the hospitality industry framework. Catering to a wider audience, the college has introduced short courses for the general public and recently unfurled the Dusit Hospitality Academy (DHA), an adjustable certificate program spanning 3, 6, or 9 months, designed for individuals keen on entering or elevating their career in the hospitality industry.

In the words of Frouke Gerbens, the media’s unflinching support has been instrumental in the visible progress of the college. The institution has gained greater exposure and international recognition thanks to the consistent promotion from various media entities. “We are profoundly grateful for the unceasing support, which is why this event doubles as a thank you to all those who helped us on our journey,” said Gerbens.

Promising unwavering commitment to its students and stakeholders, Gerbens highlighted the institution’s promise to perpetual evolution in alignment with current trends and global frontline practices. Never losing sight of the industry’s broader perspective, he emphasizes the college’s devotion to nurturing societal growth and community well-being while demonstrating unwavering dedication towards environmental conservation and sustainability.

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