Thai Minister of Public Health Anutin stated 60 psychiatrists, doctors, and other specialists will help victims’ relatives. General Damrongsak Kittiprapas will donate 7.8 million baht to the victims’ families tomorrow. Five people shot at a Thai childcare are recovering. Two adults and three children. In Nong Bua Lam Phu and Udon Thani, five survivors are in ICUs. Nong Kan is recovering from brain surgery. He was shot or slashed.

The Bangkok Post reports a successful procedure. Nong Sumaee and Thanatpong Somparn are improving. Nong Sumaee was slain at the childcare. Nong Sumaee can obey her doctor after surgery. Nong Samaee is at Nong Bua Lam Phu Hospital, where staff are trying to wean her off a ventilator. His mother reported he could make the victory sign with his mouth. Nong Mick, 3, is recovering after brain surgery in Udon Thani. Mick’s health remained stable for 20 hours following surgery, says Dr. Sumon Tansunthornwiwat. Thai PBS watches him. Mick and his grandma were in his mother’s sidecar when the gunman hit them. Mick’s grandmother was there. Accidentally killed Mick’s mother. The villain shot and stabbed the victim and his grandmother. Adult Panlert Benjawan. Wakeful. His breathing isn’t assisted. Adult Charoen Chaikruean doesn’t need a ventilator. She’s more mobile.

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