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A visitor in Pattaya claims he was beaten “bloody” by security officers near Walking Street

In the recent month, there has been a rash of crimes in Pattaya aimed at Indian tourists. The crimes have caused such a stir that a Pattaya police chief announced the development of a “specialized” police patrol team to monitor any illegal actions in tourist zones or crimes against visitors earlier this month.

A Pattaya visitor alleges security agents viciously assaulted him in the early hours of this morning after a near-collision while driving along the city’s iconic Walking Street. The visitor, a 31-year-old Indian national who asked to remain anonymous, claimed he came dangerously close to colliding with a group of security guards stationed in front of a venue on Soi 16.

According to the tourist’s account, he and the guards fought over who was to blame for the near-collision, and the guards then beat him “bloody” on his body but not his face. After the guards went, the traveler claimed he gathered a group of companions and returned to the venue to speak with the manager. On the other side, security did not let them speak to anyone. The visitor then went to Pattaya and submitted a police report, accompanied by a bloodied piece of clothing as proof. The police have now made it clear to business owners and security that personnel should never physically attack a customer, no matter how heated the situation becomes. According to Pattaya police, the cause of the near-collision is unknown. They claimed that the alleged security guards and venue management would be summoned later today (Sunday) to examine CCTV footage. Following the alleged assault this morning, police said they will hold a meeting with nightlife venue owners to provide de-escalation training and information on how to contact police in the event of a disagreement.

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