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Accused Job Fraudster Arrested in Lampang, Thailand

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Highway Police Arrest Woman Accused of Duping Job Seekers in South Korea
Thailand’s Highway Police have arrested a woman accused of defrauding more than 50 people who were looking for jobs overseas. The 29-year-old suspect, identified only as Intuonn, had appeared on Facebook and TikTok as “PPang Intuonn” and “Pangcare IK”, providing offers for high-paying jobs in South Korea.

Upon contacting Intuonn, the victims were told to deposit money into her bank account for travel insurance. However, after receiving the money, Intuonn refused to provide any job opportunities and blocked her social media accounts. This led to 16 reports being filed with the Department of Employment, with victims having transferred a combined 400,000 baht (around 12,600 USD).

Intuonn was hence charged with defrauding others and causing monetary damages, and police were instructed to start searching for her. After months of investigation, police were finally able to locate the suspect to a home in the northern Lampang province late Friday night, where she confessed to all the allegations against her.

The Department of Employment has also confirmed that Intuonn was not authorized to coordinate foreign work placements, nor was she registered as an employment agent. She is now facing legal proceedings and remains in police custody.

While this case highlights the importance of being extra vigilant when it comes to job offers online, it is important to remember that HR staff at legitimate companies are also instructed to be cautious about potential scammers. In the case of Intuonn, the victims likely fell victim to her scam due to the promise of high-paying jobs and the pressure of needing to make ends meet.

Employment scams are frequently used by criminals to take advantage of individuals desperate for work, so it is important that newly-arrived expats in Thailand understand the risks of recruiting agents who are not authorized by the government. Legitimate employment agencies are required to obtain approval from the Department of Employment, and any job seekers contacted by unlicensed recruiters should be aware that they may be the target of a scam.

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