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After a fire, Central World’s safety systems were deemed to be fully operational

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In point of fact, the Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has been dropping signals that it is going to unveil its plans for the holiday that ushers in the new year. These hints have been given in the context of the holiday that ushers in the new year. These are the plans that will be carried out over the holiday that ushers in the new year. The city of Bangkok is now working on formulating a plan for the avoidance and reduction of the effects of natural catastrophes. This is being done so that the residents and businesses of the city will be prepared for any unplanned events, tragedies, or disasters that may occur throughout the course of the New Year’s holiday. The chairman of Pathumwan’s district asserted that inspectors had gone through all of the emergency systems and found that there were no issues with any of them. This was according to the chairman of Pathumwan’s district. The fire detection and suppression systems, which are more commonly known as sprinkler systems, have, without fail, carried out their duties as per specifications at all times.

In addition, she added that there had been a fire drill at the location not too long ago, and that the employees of Central World had recently participated in it. She stated that the drill had taken place not too long ago. She went on to say that on August 16th and 17th, when they were taking part in the training exercises, all of the employees received instruction on the myriad of safety rules and procedures that were in place. It was a stroke of amazing good fortune for Central World that it was able to escape the fire unscathed, so ensuring that none of its visitors or employees were hurt in the incident. This is due to the fact that the vacation season and High Season for tourists have begun, which has resulted in Bangkok and the rest of Thailand being increasingly congested. Investigations that were carried out after the incident that took place on Saturday at the Central World shopping mall in Bangkok determined that there was nothing wrong with the building’s fire safety systems. This conclusion was reached as a result of the investigations that were carried out after the incident. Following an inspection of the building by authorities from the Pathumwan district, it was determined that the fire alarm systems and the emergency sprinklers designed to put out fires were in good working condition and did not have any defects. Additionally, it was determined that the emergency sprinklers were not designed to put out fires. The fire originated in a restaurant called Groove, which is a semi-outdoor restaurant that can be found on the second floor of Central World. At approximately 4:15 o’clock in the afternoon, reports of flames started coming in, and not long after that, a number of people started uploading images and videos to the internet. Customers who were having fits of coughing were directed to leave the store through the halls, which were filled with smoke. The fire was quickly brought under control as a direct consequence of the quick response of the firefighters. It seems as though the fire did not result in any injuries to any of the people there. Chadchart Sittipunt, the governor of Bangkok, has issued a request that electrical inspections be conducted in the areas surrounding all Christmas and new year decorations and photo backdrops. In order to lessen the likelihood of fires breaking out in these specific areas, this is being done as a preventative measure. As part of the effort to reduce the likelihood of catastrophic incidents occurring, the fire alarms and extinguishers, sprinkler systems, emergency exits, and generators will all be evaluated in advance of major gatherings. In the case that the district chief does not provide their permission, it will also be forbidden to use fireworks.

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