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After the mess from the Pattaya Music Festival, beach cleaners received free noodles

One vendor of Pattaya noodles felt bad for several beach workers who had to clean up the damage left by the Pattaya Music Festival over the weekend. So she made the decision to give them a complimentary meal of homemade noodles. Authorities had warned festival-goers not to litter along Pattaya Beach before to the Pattaya Beach performances.

The Pattaya Music Festival will take place from August 12 to August 20 at the following times and locations: Jomtien Multi-Purpose Stadium will host one concert stage. On August 19 and 20, Central Pattaya Junction will have one concert stage available. Additionally, Central Pattaya Junction will have one concert stage available from August 26 through 27.

The 51-year-old vendor Walaiphan claimed to have observed how arduously everyone was laboring to clean up Pattaya Beach following the performances. City Hall regulatory authorities were preparing for piles of trash at the beach from tens of thousands of music enthusiasts. People already leave trash on the beach occasionally. Walaphan wished to express her gratitude to the housekeepers. She continued, “After the show was ended, I wanted to pay it forward with a kind deed to the cleaners because I had been very successful at selling my Pad Thai and oyster omelets during the festival.” To encourage people to dispose of their trash in appropriate bins, there are signs posted at the beach.

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