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Air Quality In Bangkok Set To Improve Due To Southerly Wind

Air Quality in Bangkok to Improve Thanks to Strong Southerly Winds
As reported by the Pollution Control Department of Thailand, air quality in Greater Bangkok is set to improve from Monday to Saturday due to the strong southerly wind. Despite this positive outlook, air quality in the 17 provinces of the upper and lower North Region will still need to be monitored closely as the PM2.5 levels are expected to surpass the 50 µg/m3 threshold.

The Moderate High Pressure Over Thailand and South China Sea
The Thai Meteorological Department reported that the moderate high pressure over the northern region and South China Sea will cause the southeasterly winds to bring moisture from the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand over the lower North, lower Northeast and Central regions. This includes Bangkok and its surrounding provinces.

Rain and Morning Fog in Northern Thailand
The easterly and southeasterly winds prevailing over the Gulf of Thailand, the South and the Andaman Sea will result in rain and morning fog in the northern part of the country. The South will be blanketed by rain and thunderstorms over the same period.

Effects of Strong Southerly Winds on Air Quality
The strong southerly winds are expected to blow away the dust particles present in the atmosphere, which in turn will result in the PM2.5 levels to go back to their fully safe limit of 50 µg/m3. This will result in air quality to improve, resulting in much cleaner air for all residents.

Going Forward
It is important for all citizens of Thailand to be mindful of the quickly changing air conditions and consistently check the PM2.5 levels reported by the Pollution Control Department. Measures such as wearing a face mask when outdoors and reducing outdoor activities when air quality is poor can help residents to remain safe even during times of poor air quality.

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