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Amid Thailand’s Tourism Slump, Surat Thani Springs Surprise: Unveils Addiction-Inducing 60 Million Baht Pier Project to Erupt Tourism!

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The governor of Surat Thani, Witchawut Jinto, has confirmed that a new pier is set to grace the beautiful district of Chaiya, with a sizeable budget of 60 million baht earmarked for the project. This new construction, which will be strategically located near a public park in the quaint subdistrict of Phum Riang, is estimated to significantly boost tourism in the area, thus increasing the local economy.

The grand blueprint for the innovative pier design has already attained the necessary stamp of approval from the Marine Department, propelling the project into its next phase of construction. The entire construction stage, as well as the subsequent operations, will lie in the capable hands of the provincial administrative organisation. The governor explains that the project’s inherent potential to stimulate the local economy earned it the full backing of the provincial authorities.

Chaiya, a region known for its proximity to Surat Thani airport, is a melting pot of cultural allure and aesthetic beauty. The planned pier will act as a promising platform introducing the throngs of tourists to the myriad of attractions in the area. Among the most coveted tourist spots in Chaiya is Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya, a temple whose history stretches back 900-1200 years and stands as a proud testament to the timeline of the southern region’s rich culture. This esteemed temple ranks among the top three historical sites in the region, commanding immense respect for its breathtaking architecture.

Governor Witchawut didn’t miss mentioning the other gems that Chaiya has in store for its visitors. Wat Suan Mokkhapalaram, a marvel in its own right, and the Ban Phumriang handicraft center, renowned for its sheer talent in weaving unique silk cloths, skilled craftmanship that is a marvel to witness. For the adventurous at heart, there’s the engaging Muay Chaiya, a form indigenous martial art form that’s certain to captivate and intrigue.

Furthermore, the region’s charm is exponentially amplified with the neighboring islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, and the Mu Koh Ang Thong National Marine Park, all of which promise captivating tours for tourists.

With this new pier enhancing the connectivity within the province, Witchawut is confident it will draw more tourists to witness and embrace the enchanting beauty of the region, and unravel the rich history and diverse culture Chaiya has to offer.

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