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Araya ‘Chompoo’ Hargate Shines at Cannes 2024: Championing Women in Cinema

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The luminous Araya Alberta Hargate, affectionately known across the globe by her enchanting nickname “Chompoo”, recently sent waves of excitement through the 77th International Film Festival’s red carpet. This Thai-British sensation, a renowned figure in the realms of acting and fashion, has long captured hearts with her exuberant style and radiant personality. Her Instagram, @chomismaterialgirl, along with her YouTube channel @mymaterialworld, stands as testament to her undeniable influence and flair.

Chompoo’s Dazzling Display at Cannes
At the prestigious event, held in the captivating city of Cannes on the 14th of May, 2024, Chompoo truly outdid herself. Day after day, she presented a parade of styles that were nothing short of breathtaking. Kickstarting the festival, she donned a Pierre Balmain creation—a sophisticated black dress adorned with blue embroidered intricacies. The following day’s choice was a sublime piece from Armani Privé, succeeded by a daring, black see-through ensemble from Maison Margiela Artisanal on the third. Her chameleon-like ability to oscillate between differing aesthetics while maintaining an air of elegance is precisely what cements her status as Thailand’s crown jewel of fashion.

The Cannes Film Festival itself, a beacon for cinephiles and glitterati alike, has been a cradle for cinematic excellence since its inception in 1946. Riveting works like “The Pianist” and the groundbreaking “Parasite” have debuted here, making it a cornerstone event for global cinema.

Charting Chompoo’s Journey: From Early Promise to Iconic Status
Born into the vibrant tapestry of Bangkok on the 28th of June, 1981, Chompoo’s trajectory into stardom commenced with her triumph at the 1998 Miss Motor Show, subsequently catapulting her into the entertainment sphere as a mere teenager. Her seminal role in “Pleng Prai” marked the genesis of a career that would see her adorning the silver screen in projects like “Dok Som See Thong”, “Tootsies & The Fake”, and “Long Live Love”. Her storied journey through the world of drama and movies has led her to amass a trove of accolades, including the prestigious 9th Komchadluek Award for Best Actress, and other honours celebrating her as a beacon of talent and allure.

Off-screen, Chompoo shares a beautiful life with husband Visrut “Nott” Rangsisingpipat, an acclaimed businessman and internet personality, and their three lovely children. This enchanting family unit, complete with twins Saifah and Phayu, and their sister Abigail, often captures the hearts of the public with charming family glimpses that go viral.

Championing Female Empowerment in Cinema
As the resplendent face of L’Oréal Paris, Chompoo uses her platform not just to enchant and inspire but to illuminate and empower. Her fervent advocacy for women’s representation in the cinematic universe, both in front of and behind the camera, resonates deeply. Through initiatives like the L’Oréal’s “Lights on Women Awards”, she champions the cause for up-and-coming female directors, providing them with the visibility and accreditation they rightfully deserve.

Chompoo’s articulate voice on the matter leaves an indelible mark: “The cinematic world must transcend its boundaries to fully embrace and appreciate the reservoir of female talent waiting in the wings. It’s about time these formidable women were spotlighted, unveiling the magnitude of their potential and thereby enriching the tapestry of global cinema.” Her advocacy not only underlines her iconic status but embodies her vision for a more inclusive and egalitarian film industry.

In essence, Araya Alberta Hargate, or Chompoo as she is belovedly known, isn’t just a figure of fashion or film; she represents a beacon of change, empowerment, and timeless grace. As she continues to captivate both on-screen and off, her legacy as a luminary in both fashion and advocacy only brightens, promising to inspire and influence for generations to come.


  1. MovieBuff123 May 27, 2024

    Chompoo’s effort to push for more representation and support for female directors in the film industry is truly commendable. It’s high time more A-list celebrities used their influence for such causes!

    • SkepticalSteve May 27, 2024

      While I applaud the intention, I can’t help but wonder how much of this is genuine advocacy versus just another PR stunt to stay relevant. How much change do these initiatives actually bring?

      • MovieBuff123 May 27, 2024

        That’s a cynical view, Steve. With Chompoo’s reach and influence, even a little effort goes a long way. Besides, visibility itself can spark significant conversations and lead to change.

      • FeministFury May 27, 2024

        Exactly, @MovieBuff123! Every bit of support counts. Instances of female directors getting the limelight are too few, and if Chompoo can help change that, more power to her.

    • CinemaLover May 27, 2024

      Interesting that you’d doubt the genuineness of her actions, Steve. Chompoo has been consistent in her advocacy for years now. This isn’t a new bandwagon for her; it’s a cause she’s genuinely passionate about.

  2. FashionForward May 27, 2024

    Can we talk about how Chompoo SLAYS every single outfit at Cannes? Her sense of style is unmatched. Truly a fashion icon as well as a film star.

    • Trendsetter May 27, 2024

      Absolutely! Her ability to blend elegance with bold choices is what sets her apart. That Maison Margiela look was daring and yet so chic.

    • ClassicMan May 27, 2024

      As much as I admire her style, don’t you think sometimes it’s too much about the outfits and less about the films at Cannes? Just a thought.

      • FashionForward May 27, 2024

        It’s a fair point but remember, Cannes has always been as much about the glamour as it is about cinema. Chompoo walking the red carpet brings attention to her work and causes too.

  3. CinephileCraig May 27, 2024

    Chompoo’s growth from a teen beauty queen to a respected actress and now, a champion for women in cinema is nothing short of inspiring. She’s redefining what it means to be a celebrity with a cause.

    • RealistRick May 27, 2024

      Inspiring, sure. But we also need to focus on actionable outcomes. It’s great to talk and promote, but the real measure is in tangible changes in the industry rates of female directorship and production.

    • OptimistOlivia May 27, 2024

      Rick, it’s about setting the wheels in motion. Advocacy by celebrities like Chompoo raises awareness, which is the first step. Tangible changes often follow cultural shifts, which she is contributing to.

  4. CultureVulture May 27, 2024

    Beyond her fashion sense and activism, Chompoo’s personal life as shared on social media is so wholesome. It offers a rare glimpse into the life of someone who can balance fame and a healthy family life beautifully.

    • PrivacyPete May 27, 2024

      While it’s nice to get a peek into her life, don’t you think we sometimes forget these celebrities deserve their privacy too? The constant public eye must be exhausting.

    • FanGirl101 May 27, 2024

      I get your point, Pete. But Chompoo sharing her family moments feels like a way to connect with her fans on a personal level. It doesn’t feel intrusive but rather inclusive and warm.

  5. TechTalker May 27, 2024

    It’s fascinating how Chompoo leverages social media platforms to advocate for change. A perfect example of how modern technology and fame can unite for a greater cause.

    • DigitalDoubter May 27, 2024

      But how often do these social media advocacies convert to real action? There’s a lot of noise, but how much gets heard and makes a difference?

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