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Art Carnage Confession: Bangkok Pride 2023 Apologizes for Destroying Students’ Masterpieces – City Hall Shocked & Remorseful!

On Monday, organizers and the City Hall apologized for the damage caused to students’ graduation-related artworks during the Bangkok Pride 2023 event at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in Pathumwan district on Sunday. The incident occurred when participants entered the art centre, where fourth-year decorative arts students from Silpakorn University were exhibiting their thesis projects, and failed to protect the displayed artworks despite requests.

Bangkok Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon expressed his remorse on Facebook, acknowledging the failure to safeguard the students’ creations, which took a year to complete, and the incident’s impact on the organization of future events. The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre falls under the jurisdiction of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

The Bangkok Pride 2023 organizers from Naruemit Pride Co also issued an apology for the unsalvageable damages incurred and stated their willingness to accept responsibility. Furthermore, they promised to consider students’ opinions in finding long-term solutions to similar issues.

According to a complaint posted on Facebook, participants of Bangkok Pride 2023 who entered the ground floor of the art centre on Saturday to prepare their parades ignored requests from student exhibitors not to touch the displayed artworks or place objects on the exhibit stands. This negligence resulted in irreparable damage to the thesis ornamental design works, including delicate blown glass exhibits.

The students’ desperate attempts to save their pieces were unsuccessful, and the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre management was unable to safeguard the exhibits despite the concerns raised by the exhibitors who paid to showcase their works. The issue has not only caused physical damage to the art pieces but also cast a shadow on the otherwise flamboyant and colorful Bangkok Pride 2023 event.

Photo: The ground floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in Pathumwan district bustled with people on Sunday, as the Bangkok Pride 2023 parades commenced from the Pathumwan intersection. (Source: Yupapan Saewong’s Facebook page)

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