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Astonishing Summit: Genius Minds from Paris-Saclay University Meet Thailand’s Central Group Titans – Unveiling Legendary Strategies!

Graduate Students from University of Paris-Saclay Visit Central Group and Learn from the Experts

Central Group, one of Thailand’s top retail and service industry companies, recently hosted a group of graduate students from the prestigious University of Paris-Saclay. These bright young minds are enrolled in the Marketing & Sales program at the university, which holds the impressive distinction of being ranked 93rd in the world and 3rd in France by Times Higher Education. During their visit, the students had the opportunity to engage with Central Group’s management team and learn about their strategies, experiences, and best practices in various aspects of the company’s operations.

Multicultural Management – Pascal Billaud, Chief People Officer at Central Group, shared his insights on the importance of balancing technical and soft skills for a sustainable cultural management. To achieve this, the key elements of mutual respect, collaborative learning, teamwork, and enjoyable work experiences must be prioritized. Billaud also emphasized sensory management, a technique that enhances individuals’ wellbeing by engaging their senses, as an effective method for fostering a positive working environment and cross-cultural understanding.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Chayanin Saransomrurtai, Head of CRM Strategy at The1, explained that the primary challenge faced by companies today is making sense of the wealth of data available for making business decisions. By combining complex statistical models, artificial intelligence, and human input from marketers, CRM can provide a deep understanding of individual customers to deliver the most relevant offerings. Saransomrurtai urged fellow CRM practitioners to first establish clear business objectives, ensuring that customer interactions effectively trigger positive changes and drive growth for the company.

Sustainability in Business – Anawin Tangpongpaiboon, Strategic Marketing Director of the Sustainable Development Office & Corporate Marketing at Central Group, highlighted the organization’s commitment to advancing society, supporting local communities, and protecting the environment through sustainability initiatives. To achieve these objectives, Central Group leverages the Creating Shared Value (CSV) concept, which focuses on fostering a shared understanding and value creation among stakeholders through effective communication. CSV projects center on job creation, income generation, product development, and value enhancement for local communities, while maintaining social responsibility and environmental protection in business operations.

The Central Group management team, which included Pascal Billaud, Chayanin Saransomrurtai, Achara Wisuttiwongrat, Kudaboon Kirtiputra, and Wassana Kham-anek, participated in discussions with the visiting graduate students, sharing their collective knowledge and insights with the eager learners. Founded in 1150, the University of Paris-Saclay enjoys a stellar reputation, evidenced by its ranking from Times Higher Education as the 93rd best university in the world and 3rd best in France.

Central Group is dedicated to sharing its expertise and rich experience as a leader in the Thai retail sector with the world. As part of their ongoing commitment to nurturing talent and bolstering the future workforce, the company strives to become a leader in education and training endeavors. Through these collaborative efforts, Central Group aims to empower the next generation and ensure that its legacy of excellence continues to thrive.

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