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At Phanom Rung Temple, visitors view solar phenomena

In 2022 will see another Phanom Rung Festival. Visitors can enjoy a procession, religious ritual, entertainment, and Isaan street food. Visitors gathered this morning at Phanom Rung Historical Park in Buriram, Isaan, to see a solar phenomenon that only occurs four times a year. Today is the year’s third solar eclipse. Many Thais gathered at Phanom Rung Historical Park this morning to view the sunrise via the 15 doors. 5.50 am: People began to gather. Solar phenomena are rare. On September 9 and 10, tourists can see the temple’s famed dawn. Phanom Rung Temple located on Phanom Rung mountain in Chaloemprakiat, Tapek, Buriram. According to folklore, it was a dark morning and the light was poor. Phanom Rung, which means “great mountain” in Khmer, shows the language’s growth. This place is notable because of the sun phenomenon visible through the temple door. Four times a year: September 8–10, October 5–7, March 5–7, and April 3–5 will witness dawn.

The temple was built with pink sandstone in 15th-18th-century Khmer style. One tourist said the temple’s sunrise was exciting. It was worth the little time and less-than-ideal lighting. Year-to-year, the day and month may vary.

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