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Ballot Bombshell: Shocking Excess of 7.3 Million Ballot Papers Uncovered – Election Crisis Looms!

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Pheu Thai secretary-general Prasert Jantararuangtong recently expressed concern regarding the number of ballot papers printed for the upcoming general election on May 14. According to Prasert, the Election Commission (EC) has printed approximately 7.3 million more ballot papers than the actual eligible voters, totaling to about 57 million ballot papers.

At a press conference centered around the appointment of a legal working group focused on preventing electoral fraud, Prasert called on the EC to ensure that any additional ballot papers are returned if they go unused. Furthermore, he requested clarification on the measures in place to manage the excess ballot papers.

Prasert also urged the EC to execute its responsibilities with diligence and accuracy, citing some errors in documents involving Pheu Thai candidates. He fears that such mistakes could potentially confuse voters.

In addition to addressing these concerns, Prasert revealed that Pheu Thai will be writing to the EC to inquire about their preparations for advance voting on May 7, specifically seeking information on ballot paper management, transport, and storage. He emphasized the party’s commitment to a clean and fair election, stating, “I appeal to all parties involved to perform their duties justly and transparently. Pheu Thai is monitoring all the steps throughout the process – from ballot printing to voting.”

After an eight-year absence from power, Pheu Thai hopes to achieve a landslide victory in the upcoming election. In order to improve the chances of a fair outcome, deputy Pheu Thai leader Chusak Sirinil – who heads the party’s legal affairs working group – outlined their operation center’s three primary objectives: to prevent electoral fraud, ensure that the EC performs its duties honestly, and to confirm that state officials remain unbiased leading up to the election.

Pheu Thai has also encouraged the public to report any suspected acts of electoral fraud through the party’s various channels, including its Facebook and Twitter accounts, or by calling 02-653-4001.

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