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Bangkok’s New Oasis: Unveiling the Wetland Forest Park in Bung Kum District

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Imagine stepping into an oasis where the air smells fresher, the greens are more vivid, and the sounds of the city fade away into a serene symphony of nature. This is not a daydream; this is the soon-to-open Bangkok Wetland Forest Park located in the heart of Bung Kum district. Prepare to be enchanted by this green jewel, which is far more than a mere parkā€”it’s a testament to nature’s resilience in the urban sprawl of Bangkok.

The visionary minds at the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) have transformed an 86-rai plot, previously serving the practical purpose of a floodwater-retention basin known as Klong Lam Bung Kum, into an extraordinary “wetland forest”. This initiative is not just a nod to environmental conservation but a gift of clean air and verdant spaces to the city’s residents, a welcome respite in the concrete jungle.

But what makes this park so special? It’s not just any park; it’s a living, breathing ecosystem, boasting a rich tapestry of native plants and an intimate connection with the surrounding communities. Its existence is a celebration of ecological significance, offering a sanctuary for both people and wildlife. The Bangkok Wetland Forest Park, set to grace the city later this year, emerges as a symbol of harmony between urban living and natural ecosystems.

Stepping into the park, visitors will find themselves wandering through a meticulously designed landscape. A 3,060-metre asphalt-covered walkway invites long strolls or brisk walks, while a 420-metre waterside walkway offers tranquil views and moments of reflection. The BMA has left no stone unturned in enhancing the park’s beauty and accessibility, from improved landscaping to the installation of additional lights, ensuring that each visit is both safe and enchanting.

But the commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there. The inclusion of wastewater treatment tanks and barriers to prevent vehicle access underscores the BMA’s dedication to preserving the park’s integrity. It’s a clear message: the Bangkok Wetland Forest Park is a space for feet, not wheels, a haven for relaxation and communion with nature, untouched by the haste of urban life.

During a recent inspection, deputy Bangkok governor Jakkapan Phiewngam, accompanied by senior BMA officials, emphasized the importance of maintaining the park’s sanctity. Measures are being taken to ensure that the area remains a no-go zone for vehicles, and activities that could harm the environment, like drinking and bonfires, are strictly prohibited. It’s all part of the effort to safeguard the tranquility and beauty of this urban oasis.

As the Bangkok Wetland Forest Park prepares to open its gates, it stands as a beacon of sustainable urban planning and a reminder of the importance of green spaces in our lives. If you’re seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle, a place to recharge, or simply a slice of nature to explore, keep your eyes peeled for this breathtaking addition to Bangkok’s landscape. The Bangkok Wetland Forest Park isn’t just a park; it’s a journey into the heart of nature.


  1. GreenWarrior April 27, 2024

    This is exactly what Bangkok needs! Cities worldwide should take note and invest more in these green spaces to combat urban pollution and provide sanctuaries for people and wildlife.

    • CitySlicker April 27, 2024

      While I appreciate the sentiment, I wonder about the practicality. How much did this cost? Could the money have been better spent addressing other urban issues?

      • Econ101 April 27, 2024

        Actually, green spaces can increase urban property values, improve air quality, and reduce temperatures in cities. It’s an investment in the city’s health and its residents’ well-being.

      • GreenWarrior April 27, 2024

        Not to mention, mental health benefits from access to nature are well documented. It’s not just about the immediate urban issues but investing in a sustainable and healthy future.

    • BirdWatcher April 27, 2024

      This park is a godsend for bird enthusiasts! Urban areas severely lack habitats for birds. Can’t wait to see the variety of species this park attracts.

  2. Max_Techie April 27, 2024

    Curious about the wastewater treatment tanks. How advanced are we talking? Bangkok’s canals are notoriously polluted; if this park helps clean them even a bit, that’s groundbreaking.

    • EcoThinker April 27, 2024

      The technology involved in these tanks can significantly reduce pollutants entering the water bodies. It’s fantastic to see this level of environmental commitment.

  3. ConcernedCitizen April 27, 2024

    I’m all for more green spaces, but I hope regulations are enforced. Past projects have started well but became neglected over time. Maintenance and security will be critical.

    • CityWatcher April 27, 2024

      That’s a valid concern. Sustainability is key. Without proper care and community support, this project could end up underutilized or, worse, vandalized.

  4. NatureLover April 27, 2024

    Just what the city needed. A place for families to connect with nature and for individuals to find peace. It’s more than a park; it’s a community treasure.

  5. HistoryBuff April 27, 2024

    Interesting to see the area’s transformation. Klong Lam Bung Kum has come a long way from being a floodwater-retention basin to a potential ecological haven.

  6. SkepticalSam April 27, 2024

    Sounds great on paper, but let’s see how it actually turns out. Promises and reality often diverge, especially in large urban projects.

    • OptimisticOllie April 27, 2024

      Let’s give it a chance. It’s easy to be cynical, but projects like these can have a real positive impact. Fingers crossed it lives up to the hype.

  7. LocalResident April 27, 2024

    As someone living nearby, I’m thrilled but also wary about potential crowds and noise. The park’s benefits are clear, but I hope it doesn’t disturb our residential area too much.

    • CommunityVoice April 27, 2024

      Great point. While it’s a boon for the environment and recreation, the BMA needs to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact the locals’ quality of life.

  8. RunnerJenny April 28, 2024

    That asphalt-covered walkway is a dream come true for runners like me. Finally, a safe, clean place to jog without worrying about traffic!

    • HealthNut April 28, 2024

      Yes, and it’s not just for runners. Having a space where kids can play safely, and everyone can enjoy outdoor activities is priceless in a crowded city.

  9. PolicyMaker April 28, 2024

    This project could be a landmark case study for urban development. Balancing ecosystem preservation with urban needs is challenging but crucial for the future.

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