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Bangkok’s transportation authorities intend to push for a single ticket for all public transportation

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Despite the controversy, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is in discussions with BTS. It is difficult to integrate transportation providers with alternatives for public transportation. The BTSC has been considering combining Rabbit Card, a ticket that covers all means of transportation, with ticketing systems for some time. After the Pink and Yellow lines open, a new joint card might be used. While OTP focuses on one ticket, other collaborations continue. The companies are negotiating a combined MRT/BTS ticket. If the proposed legislation is passed, commuters and users of Bangkok transit will benefit from having a single card for all modes of transportation. Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob would submit the suggestion for final approval and ratification to the Cabinet, Council of State, and Parliament if the panel approves a single Bangkok public transportation ticket. Bangkok’s traffic could get less complicated if the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning has its way.The draft law must address the coordination, management, financing, and operation of Bangkok’s bus and train systems. Rates for passenger transport are included. The new EMV Contactless cards were taken into consideration as a model to follow for the new joint ticket, despite claims that the EMV system now in operation on a few boats and railways won’t be judged obsolete.

The OTP plans to offer a single ticket usable on all modes of transit in Bangkok to make utilizing public transportation easier. The OTP director stated that the panel, which will be chaired by the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, will receive the law later this month.

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