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Behind Thailand’s Doors: Unveiling the World’s First Smart City Tailored for the Elderly – A Futuristic Utopia!

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In the heartland of Chon Buri emerges an esteemed paradigm of smart urban planning. A dynamic locale nestled in Thailand’s eastern province, Saensuk Municipality of Muang district has been hailed globally for its progressive strides in smart city development. Notably, its focussed efforts on constructing the first ever smart city dedicated to the needs of the elderly has been pronounced with resounding appreciation.

Fast-tracked some fifteen years back with collaborative zeal from sizable corporations like Dell and Intel Microelectronic, Saensuk bagged the golden award for its trailblazing pursuits in urban development. A visionary at its helm, Narongchai Khunplome, the Mayor of Saensuk Municipality, reflected – the bygone decade has been spent judiciously carving a living space that truly respects the nuances of its demographic fabric. The numbers tell a compelling tale; about 20% of Saensuk’s 47,000 inhabitants are on the other side of 60.

The leadership in Saensuk rationalized that fostering a salubrious urban environment will naturally lend itself to sustainable development. The overarching ideology stiches social, economic and environmental realms together to fashion a tapestry of an invigorating cityscape. Narongchai said, “A harmonious blend of these facets is key to erect a city that thrives in its healthful aura.”

Saensuk’s commitment towards the wellbeing of its denizens expanded its horizons to embrace a digital medical service platform along with the provision of multiple recreational facilities. An expansive city tour that recently took place provided a good showcase of this fact to the press.

What propelled the city’s voyage further was the generous funding from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica). The funds triggered the establishment of a first-rate Senior Development Centre, graced with a spectrum of stimulating activities for the elderly. This included anything from hydrotherapy sessions, to soulful dancing. As a mark of recognition, Saensuk Municipality is now contemplated among Jica’s top 10 successful healthy city projects.

Keeping pace with the digital wave, Saensuk is home to an intelligent safety system. The smart technology comes as a rescue for about 300 of its fragile and solitary elderly inhabitants suffering from chronic diseases. Each of them is equipped with a two-way communication GPS device, enabling uninterrupted access to medical assistance during emergencies. “Health security is a priority. Our future plans include aligning with the status of a ‘sports city’, a standing with global recognition”, says Narongchai.

Towards a prosperous future, big plans of infrastructure investment are in the pipeline. A city dressed in sports-love is anticipated to be a vibrant source of income, potentially garnering revenue of about 50 million baht through theme-based festivals annually.

Indicative of the city’s remarkable effort and success, the Senior technical officer, Dr Amporn Chantawibul, laid out plans to bolster pan-age health initiatives in tandem with the local administration. In fact, 2021 proved to be a triumphant year with Saensuk Municipality topping among the 18 cities that earned a gold award.

Each city won its feather in the cap through a distinct management technique that thumped on the optimal balance of Healthy Environment, Setting and People. In conclusion, Saensuk Municipality, through its innovative and inclusive programs, has set an example for a new era of sustainable and smart urban living.

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