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Beware! Thailand’s Chilling Weather Change: Is your Health Under a Major Cold Front Threat?

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The Thai meteorological landscape is currently buzzing with high atmospheric pressures. These robust cold air masses are making their presence felt around numerous regions across Thailand. Residents of the northern and northeastern locales in particular, are bracing for a wave of cool to frosty weather conditions accompanied by relentless winds.

The central region of the kingdom, which includes cosmopolitan Bangkok and its adjoining areas, has also been enveloped by this chilly spell. The residents of the east, along with those in the upper regions of the South, have been waking up to significantly colder mornings lately, as the country’s climate dances to the tune of this cold wave.

The Meteorological Department is not taking these unusual weather patterns lightly. It is urging people all across the kingdom to prioritize their health and stay wary of the increasing cold weather which might take a toll on their wellbeing. Not only that, but it’s also warning citizens about the risks associated with dry conditions and the powerful winds that come with it.

Everyone is on high alert, as the weather bureau predicts a significant drop in temperature. It is expected that every corner of the nation may experience a substantial dip of about 2-3 degrees Celsius. Coupled with this, there is also a warning of looming heavy rainfall ahead.

Residents of the South, in particular, need to brace themselves as the forecast projects abundant rain in the coming days. This weather advisory follows the observation of the northeastern monsoon taking hold of the Gulf of Thailand and the lower southern region, triggering torrential downpours in several spots. Consequently, people living in the lower South are being advised to remain on guard because of the downpour. The fear is that the accumulated water can lead to hazardous flash floods, especially in hilly and low-lying areas.

This Sunday, the weather situation might worsen for specific southern provinces like Phatthalung, Songkhla, Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, Trang, and Satun. These regions are being told to prepare themselves for a heavy rainfall scenario.

The situation at sea is no different. Strong winds are leading to choppy conditions at the Gulf of Thailand. At places, the seas are expected to churn waves reaching 2-3 metres high and even exceeding 3 metres at locations where thunderstorms are prevalent. An equally turbulent scenario is expected at the Andaman Sea, where waves could rise about a metre high and rise even further during thunderstorms. Small boats are thus being advised to tread with caution while navigating through this rough patch in the otherwise serene Thai waters.

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