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Billion-Baht Brain Boost: How a University Aims to Transform Students into Successful Entrepreneurs and Revolutionize Thailand’s Economy! Prepare for the Spectacular Revelation!

In a cutting-edge move, the trailblazing Chiang Mai University (CMU), hand in hand with the Stock Exchange of Thailand, has launched a pioneering platform coined “Builds”. With an eye on the future, this novel initiative is architectured to serve as a stepping-stone for students, aiding them to metamorphose their research projects into profitable businesses, armoured with the economic potential to drive the country.

Like an enlightened captain of this innovative ship, Pongruk Sribanditmongkol, a rector at CMU, voiced the institution’s far-reaching vision to evolve into an entrepreneurial nucleus. The ambitious target, he revealed, is to surge the university’s economical contribution to a whopping 60 billion baht in the imminent four years.

Pongruk elucidated, “Builds is not just a platform; it’s an engine geared to fast-track CMU students’ research finesse, using cutting-edge technology to spin studies into viable business models. These business models wouldn’t just be profit-making entities but employment vehicles – creating jobs, fuelling the economy, and thereby stimulating growth across the northern region of Thailand.”

Acknowledging the pressing demand for advanced employment opportunities in the northern region, Pongruk expressed optimism that this platform would sow seeds of local job prospects. In doing so, he envisioned that students would be rendered free from the compulsion to migrate to the bustling city of Bangkok in pursuit of career advancement.

Undoubtedly, the Builds platform is poised to deliver on its grand vision with a promise to incubate over 4,200 entrepreneurs and construct approximately 240 companies by 2026. The platform is also projected to create jobs for 3,600 highly trained professionals and generate an income exceeding 4.5 billion baht in the northern territories.

Expounding on the platform’s multi-faceted role, Tanyanuparb Anantana, a vice rector at CMU, revealed that Builds offers five distinct entrepreneurial programs for students. The enthralling programs invite students to enrol and plunge into the enriching world of business through the education sandbox scheme. This ingenious scheme allows students an opportunity to earn valuable study credits from business ventures, thereby expanding their academic horizon while inching closer to their graduation.

Further making the prospect more lucrative, the Builds platform gives students a chance to be part of an engaging start-up incubator program. This program offers a panoramic view of the daily operations of a business, providing them with an unparalleled hands-on experience. The platform also boasts of a vibrant start-up club, a space dedicated to ideation, where students can brainstorm, share experiences, and scout for potential team members.

Tanyanuparb further highlighted that apart from providing an enriched pool of opportunities, the university will also provide financial backing to underpin students’ businesses. The initiative is optimistically anticipated to act as an incubator nourishing the entrepreneurial spirits of the students – igniting them to transform their ingenious ideas into viable businesses, even while they pursue their educational degrees. His statements were later documented on Bangkok Post. The Thaiger regularly updates its Facebook page with such inspiring academic stories. Make sure to follow and stay updated!

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