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Bitkub’s KUB Coin Makes Global Debut on Bitget: A Milestone for Thailand’s Cryptocurrency Market

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Welcome to the digital cosmos where innovation leads the charge and Bitkub Blockchain Technology, Thailand’s premier blockchain maestro, embarks on an exhilarating journey propelling the remarkable KUB coin into the global arena. Picture this: a token, birthed in the vibrant landscapes of Thailand, is now setting stages to dazzle investors worldwide, all thanks to its debut on Bitget, the world’s 12th titan of cryptocurrency exchanges as per the rankings on April 22, 2024, by Coinmarketcap. This marks a momentous leap as KUB coin waltzes into the global exchange limelight, being the first KAP-20 token to grace such an expansive stage outside its home at the Bitkub Exchange.

Enthusiasts and investors, gear up as Bitget rolls out the red carpet for the KUB coin, inviting you to dive into the world of transactions ranging from deposits, withdrawals, to thrilling trades. The excitement kicks off with deposits swinging their doors wide open for your entry. Mark your calendars for April 26, 2024, at 18.00 (UTC +7), as trading springs into action, followed by withdrawals, ready to embrace the daylight on April 27, 2024, at the same hour.

Since its inception in 2018, Bitget has been a beacon of innovation, hosting an astounding array of over 500 token spots for trading. Its services span the gamut from futures, spots, margins, and beyond, with a clientele that boasts names like Lionel Messi, Adam DeVine, and eminent entities such as Juventus Football Club. Bitget isn’t just a platform; it’s a revolution in the cryptocurrency cosmos.

Passakorn Pannok, the visionary CEO of Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd, couldn’t contain his excitement, stating, “The foray of KUB coin into the realms of Bitget is not just a milestone; it’s a catapult that launches Bitkub Chain towards universal recognition. This strategic move enhances our ecosystem, making it more robust and inviting for both local and international investors keen on exploring the KAP-20 network. From DeFi to GameFi, Metaverse, and our bustling NFT market which has witnessed over 26 million NFTs changing hands, we’re on a steadfast journey to forge a Long-Lasting National Blockchain Ecosystem that’s decentralised, diversified, and downright exciting.”

KUB coin’s fame is not limited to its latest triumph. Its glory spreads across eight cryptocurrency exchanges, including the likes of Bitkub Exchange,,, Poloniex, CoinEx,, WOOX, and BYBIT, making it a versatile and sought-after digital asset.

Craving more? Quench your thirst for adventure and rewards by joining the KUB coin saga at Immerse yourself in the details of its Whitepaper available at and stay hooked for more updates and news. For real-time insights and updates, follow Bitkub Chain on their official website (, Facebook (, Medium (, Twitter (, Discord (, and Telegram (

As KUB coin’s journey unfolds, it beckons you to be a part of this groundbreaking venture. Witness as it transcends boundaries, connecting worlds and creating opportunities that redefine the essence of cryptocurrency investment. Welcome aboard the Bitkub Chain; the future is luminous, and it starts now.


  1. TechSavvy101 April 29, 2024

    Finally, Thailand is getting the spotlight it deserves in the crypto world! KUB’s entry into Bitget is a big win for South East Asia’s blockchain scene.

    • CryptoSkeptic April 29, 2024

      Isn’t this just another hype train? We’ve seen tokens go up in smoke overnight. What makes KUB any different?

      • BlockchainBeliever April 29, 2024

        KUB is backed by Bitkub, Thailand’s biggest crypto exchange. This isn’t just about the coin; it’s about the entire ecosystem Bitkub is building. Definitely not a short-lived hype.

      • TechSavvy101 April 29, 2024

        Absolutely, the backing and the vision behind KUB coin are solid. It’s not merely about trading; it’s the infrastructure and services they’re aiming to integrate.

    • DavidK April 29, 2024

      This could indeed be a game changer for the market. Great to see more tokens stepping onto the global stage.

  2. GlobalInvestor April 29, 2024

    Is it wise to invest in KUB? The crypto market is volatile, and new coins are risky.

    • SmartTrader April 29, 2024

      It’s all about doing your due diligence. Look at the whitepaper, understand the project, and assess your risk tolerance. No risk, no reward, as they say.

  3. BlockchainGuru April 29, 2024

    The entry of KUB into Bitget is monumental. But let’s not overlook the potential challenges in global adoption and integration across international platforms.

    • Idealist April 29, 2024

      True, but overcoming those challenges is what innovation is about. Bitkub has the potential to pave new ways for blockchain technology’s application beyond traditional finance.

  4. NFTLover April 29, 2024

    This move is huge for NFT markets in SEA. Bitkub’s NFT market integration might set a precedent for other exchanges.

    • METAFan April 29, 2024

      Absolutely, the fusion of NFT and DeFi through platforms like Bitkub could revolutionize how we view digital ownership and investments.

  5. SkepticalInvestor April 29, 2024

    How sustainable is KUB’s growth going to be? With so many projects failing, it’s hard to get excited without seeing some long-term results.

    • PositiveVibes April 29, 2024

      Sustainability comes from the community and the real-world utility of the blockchain. Bitkub seems committed to both, so I’m optimistic.

  6. CryptoNewbie April 29, 2024

    Can someone explain how KUB differs from other cryptocurrencies? I’m still learning.

    • BlockchainGuru April 29, 2024

      KUB is part of the Bitkub Chain, offering low transaction fees and high speed. Its real value lies in its ecosystem – DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, and NFT markets.

  7. OldSchoolInvestor April 29, 2024

    I remain skeptical. Cryptocurrencies are too volatile, and putting money in them seems more like gambling than investing.

    • TechSavvy101 April 29, 2024

      It’s about diversification. Traditional investments have their place, but the potential returns in crypto can surpass traditional markets. Just invest wisely.

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