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Bracing for Bitter Cold and Raging Storms: Will Bangkok Survive the Brutal Hit from Nature’s Wrath?

As the mercury dips in the East and Central regions, including the bustling metropolitan area of Bangkok, expect a noticeable drop in temperature between 1-3°C, as reported by the department. This is a reminder for the people of upper Thailand to not only take good care of their health during this temperature drop, but also to stay vigilant for potential fires. The combination of potent winds and parched air present ideal conditions for fires to easily ignite and spread, warns the department.

Furthermore, be prepared for the formidable Northeast monsoon reigning over the Gulf, the South, and the Andaman Sea to bring with it isolated bouts of heavy and sometimes, very heavy rainfall to the Southern areas. This, the department cautions, is a time for heightened awareness for those in these regions. Keep an eye out for signs of rain accumulation which could swiftly lead to flash floods and overflows. Regions of particular concern are areas near foothills, waterways, and low-lying pieces of land where the effects of such weather phenomena can be especially damaging.

Navigating the seas during this time will also be quite a feat. Expect to encounter turbulent waves measuring 2–3 metres high in the Gulf of Thailand, with heights escalating to over 3 metres during thundershowers. In contrast, the Andaman Sea can expect a bit of reprieve with waves likely to be between 1-2 metres high and a bit over 2 metres during thundershowers.

The department also urges people residing along the shores of the Gulf to stay prepared for potential inshore surges. Mariners should proceed with their journey cautiously and take care to keep a safe distance from thundershowers. For small boats in the Gulf, it is highly advisable to remain docked ashore until Sunday, states the department. This is a time when taking all necessary precautions is vital for the safety and well-being of the people in these regions.

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