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Breaking: Catastrophic Storms Ravage Thailand – 700+ Houses Damaged, Extreme Weather Forecasted!

Authorities have been inspecting homes in That Phanom district of Nakhon Phanom, following the damaging effects of storms and gusting winds that impacted five districts of the upper northeastern province over the weekend. Over 700 houses were affected by the extreme weather conditions.

Scattered summer storms, gusty winds, and even hail have been predicted for Bangkok and provinces in the North, Northeast, East, and Central Plains for the upcoming days. A moderate high-pressure system is expected to blanket northeastern Thailand and the South China Sea during these days, according to the weather office. Hot to extremely hot weather will affect the upper regions, and strong southerly and southeasterly winds will carry humidity from the Gulf and the South China Sea, the Meteorological Department has reported.

Under these conditions, various provinces in the North, Northeast, East, and Central Plains are likely to experience scattered summer storms, strong winds, isolated hail, and lightning strikes. This includes Bangkok and its surrounding areas. On April 25, the affected areas are expected to be 11 provinces in the North, 15 provinces in the Northeast, six provinces in the Central Plains, and all eight eastern provinces. On April 26, the affected areas will likely include 15 provinces in the North, 15 provinces in the Northeast, 14 provinces in the Central Plains, Bangkok and its vicinity, and all eight provinces in the East.

During severe weather, the weather agency advises people to stay away from hazardous outdoor locations, such as large trees, unstable structures, and billboards. They also recommend not wearing metal and avoiding mobile phone usage during storms. Farmers are encouraged to take measures to protect their crops from potential storm damage.

The easterly and southerly winds are prevailing across the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, with isolated thundershowers along the west coast of the South. Waves in the Gulf are forecasted to be about one meter high and even more than two meters high during thundershowers. Shipping should proceed with caution during these conditions.

In Nakhon Phanom, storms affected more than 700 houses in parts of five districts in this northeastern province over the weekend. The affected districts include Renu Nakhon, Pla Pak, Renu Nakhon, Muang, and That Phanom district. The hardest-hit district was That Phanom, where over 300 houses were damaged. In Khon Kaen, fierce storms struck various areas in Phra Yuen district on Sunday, causing damage to over 250 homes in the district. Some large trees were uprooted, and a significant billboard fell down as a result of the storms.

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