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Buri Ram’s Heartbeat Skips: A Shocking Tale of Youth, Motorcycles, and Gunshot Tragedy

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In the heart of Buri Ram, a province not unfamiliar with its share of the dramatic, there unfolded a tale straight out of a high-octane movie. However, unfortunately, this scene was far from fiction. A sleepy petrol station in the quaint tambon of Thung Saeng Thong turned into the backdrop of a heart-stopping chase on a seemingly ordinary Saturday. This was not your usual gas stop drama involving forgotten wallets or a misplaced loyalty card. No, this was the stage for a heart-thumping pursuit that involved motorcycles, high school students, and, most chillingly, a firearm.

The protagonists of this high-speed drama were Mathayom 3 students, known to us only as A and B, and their comrade, “Tern”. Little did they know, as they roared into the petrol station on their motorcycle, that they were being chased by a figure looming ominously in the shadows. This pursuer was no ordinary foe; he was a 13-year-old student, armed not just with a grudge but with a gun. This young antagonist, accompanied by a friend, had singled out A and B for reasons that were about to have dire consequences.

As the chase reached its boiling point, shots rang out, shattering the mundane ambiance of the petrol station. A’s right leg and B’s pelvis bore the brunt of this unexpected violence, transforming what began as a chase into a desperate fight for survival. The young warriors were rushed to Nang Rong Hospital, their battle scars a grim reminder of the encounter. Pol Lt Col Jiraroj Mongkolsupat, a sentinel of the law in these parts, pieced together the tale from the lips of Tern, the fortunate one who evaded the bullets unscathed.

Tern, still reeling from the incident, revealed that he was at a loss about why their shadowy young pursuer targeted his friends. Even Prakob, A’s grandmother, couldn’t fathom why someone would target her grandson, known in her eyes as a sweet boy who loved motorcycle rides and sweets. The plot thickened as the young gunman, steered by parental guidance, surrendered to the authorities, whispering of bullying that led him down this dark path.

As investigators delved deeper, they unearthed a chilling confession from Mit, the gunman’s father. The weapon, a sinister symbol of the ordeal, was procured from the shady corridors of an online marketplace. The murky depths of a pond became the final resting place for the gun, as confessed by the haunted young shooter, now facing the consequences of his actions.

This tale of chase, confrontation, and the haunting aftermath is not an isolated event in the annals of Buri Ram’s history. Merely weeks before, the province was rocked by a similar tale of gunfire in the hallowed halls of education. The echoes of these incidents reverberate through the community, a stark reminder of the shadows that lurk in the hearts and minds of the youth.

In this tale of youth, bikes, and bullets, there are no winners, only poignant reflections on the paths we choose and the actions we take. Buri Ram, its sleepy petrol station, and the young souls caught in this whirlwind of events, offer a narrative that is as engaging as it is a somber reflection of our times.


  1. MorganT March 10, 2024

    It’s shocking to see how young kids are getting involved in violence. Why aren’t parents monitoring their children’s activities online and offline? This tragedy could have been prevented!

    • Alex1984 March 10, 2024

      Absolutely agree! But it’s not only about parental supervision. Society as a whole needs to address the root causes of why these kids are turning to violence.

      • JessieK March 10, 2024

        True, it’s easy to blame parents but what about the role of educational institutions, media, and our culture in glorifying violence? It’s a multifaceted issue.

    • BillieJo March 10, 2024

      I think blaming parents is a simplistic view. Not all parents have the privilege of closely monitoring their kids due to economic reasons.

  2. LucasH March 10, 2024

    Does no one see the issue with a 13-year-old having access to a gun?! How did we get here, and what does it say about our society’s priorities?

    • MorganT March 10, 2024

      Exactly! The ease of obtaining a firearm is horrifying. The online marketplace’s role in facilitating this needs stricter regulation.

      • TrevorS March 10, 2024

        Stricter regulations might help, but they won’t solve the underlying issues. This requires a systemic change, not just a policy shift.

  3. JordanP March 10, 2024

    What’s with the bullying angle though? Are we just going to ignore that? It sounds like a desperate cry for help that went unaddressed.

    • Kaitlyn March 10, 2024

      Exactly, this is what frustrates me the most. Bullying has severe repercussions, and in this case, it ended in violence. Schools need better systems to handle bullying.

      • TheCritic March 10, 2024

        But how much can schools really do? Bullying is a societal problem. Yes, schools should intervene, but so should everyone else.

  4. SophiaR March 10, 2024

    Everyone’s quick to blame but slow to act. How many of us have actually done something about the issues we’re mentioning here?

  5. ElderGamer March 10, 2024

    The romanticization of gang culture and violence in media is part of the problem. We’re consuming violence as entertainment and then act surprised when it manifests in real life.

    • DeepThinker March 10, 2024

      A fair point. However, can we definitively say that media is the cause, or is it merely reflecting the violence present in society?

      • ElderGamer March 10, 2024

        It’s both. Media amplifies what’s there but also plays a role in normalization. It’s a cycle that needs to be broken.

  6. AnnieM March 10, 2024

    This story is heartbreaking. Innocence lost, futures destroyed. It’s a wake-up call for all of us to do better for our youth.

  7. ChrisD March 10, 2024

    When I was 13, the biggest issue was who had the best Pokémon cards. Times have changed, and it’s terrifying.

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