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Chontida Asavahame’s Bold Move: Forgoing Parliamentary Seat for Samut Prakan’s Future

A captivating narrative unfolds as we delve into the dynamic world of Thai politics, where a youthful visionary, Chontida “Pleng” Asavahame, finds herself at a crossroads. With the unexpected resignation of Saksayam from his parliamentary stronghold, a ripple of opportunity spread through the Bhumjaithai party, beckoning Chontida to ascend as his successor.

Yet, in a surprising move brimming with ambition and local loyalty, Chontida gracefully declines the golden ticket to national politics. Her eyes set on a grander vision, she parts ways with the Bhumjaithai party, drawing inspiration from her family’s deep-rooted influence within the Samut Prakan province—truly a bastion of her familial legacy.

The late Chonsawat Asavahame, Chontida’s father, once stood at the helm of Samut Prakan’s political scene, leaving behind a legacy that now continues through the hands of the formidable matriarch, Nantida Kaewbuasai. Nantida, a beacon of feminine power, currently presides over the Provincial Administrative Organisation, making history as the first woman to do so.

Amidst a backdrop of familial prowess and vivid local allegiance, Chontida’s path is clear—she bids adieu to her parliamentary prospects. Suphachai Jaismut, Bhumjaithai’s membership registrar, echoed the melody of this decision as he announced her departure from the party ranks, thus propelling Nantana Songpracha into the political spotlight as the new Bhumjaithai list MP.

In the shadow of Saksayam’s exit, stirred by a Constitutional Court ruling that found him entangled with commercial interests unfitting for a minister, we find that the dance of politics is ever-changing and fraught with unforeseen turns.

Chontida takes to social media, her modern-day papyrus, where candidly she shares heart and strategy alike. “This decision was pivotal,” she muses on Instagram, her words painting a portrait of a daughter, a woman and ascending political force deeply interwoven with Samut Prakan’s destiny. Her ambition isn’t shackled by the halls of parliament but rather, rooted in the very streets and smiles of her cherished homeland.

Haunted by the untimely demise of her father, cast down by nature’s unforgiving hand, Chontida’s resolve is only steelier. Progressive Samut Prakan—an echo of her father’s vision—is the banner she now bears alongside her mother. With youthful zest and the blessing of the electorate, she crafts a mosaic of progress, nurturing the dreams of each resident.

One cannot ignore the whispers of romance that linger amidst the political intrigue, as tales of a liaison with Anutin Charnvirakul’s youngest progeny, Seranee, add a touch of allure to Chontida’s saga.

Our protagonist is not one to idle in comfort, for she is often seen venturing tirelessly with her mother across the province’s canvas, a prelude to the impending electoral symphony set to commence this December.

Together with Nantida and the Samut Prakan electorate, Chontida ascends, weaving her narrative into the fabric of her ancestors, poised to orchestrate a future where the province and its people dance to a rhythm of prosperity and heartfelt governance. The stage is set, and the players are ready; all that remains is the unfolding of Samut Prakan’s enthralling political tapestry.

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