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Code Red for Cybercrime: Thailand Teams Up with Vietnam and Cambodia to Smokescreen Scams & Squash Fake News – Unheard Strategy Revealed!

The robust nations of Thailand is actively partnering with its bordering nations to take solid action against the plaguing issues of call center scams and propagation of fake news. Puangpet Chunlaiad, a minister working closely with the central office of Prime Minister, shed light on these developments. During recent meetings with the Information Ministers of both Cambodia, Neth Pheaktra, as well as Vietnam, Nguyen Manh Hung, she highlighted the efforts to maintain digital tranquility within the regions.

These crucial discussions came to fruition during the 16th annual meeting of Asean Ministers Responsible for Information (also, known as AMRI) as well as the 7th AMRI Plus Three assembly. The delegates convened in the scenic town of Danang, Vietnam, where they congregated over a period of two days.

Highlighting the urgency of this matter, Chunlaiad stated that innocent Thais have been ensnared viciously by these labyrinthine call center scams. Several people, lured by such deceitful promises and machinations, have found their life savings vanishing into thin air. There are also stories of individuals sinking into inescapable debt chasms, and some have sadly ended their own lives. Given this stark backdrop, Thailand is pressed into immediate action, deciding to collaborate intensely with the Cambodian government to tackle such scams head-on.

The partnership promises multiple strategic initiatives. This includes multi-dimensional security enhancements along the shared borders to firmly close the doors to unlawful crossings. More vitally, a clear agenda is to raise consciousness among people about the deceptive methods used by these malicious scam groups.

Chunlaiad also recounts her conversations with Vietnam’s Minister of Information, lauding Vietnam’s setup of a focused committee to wage a war against fake news on the socially dynamic platforms. The minister stressed upon establishing a pipeline of shared information between the nations, and extending that to other Asean members as well.

Addressing fake news propagated intentionally or otherwise, is high on the agenda during the AMRI meeting. Chunlaiad added that Thailand is in alignment with the Guidelines on Management of Government Information. This is particularly aimed at Combatting Fake News and Disinformation in Media, as ratified during the 16th AMRI assembly. The consensus was unanimous that instilling and upholding journalistic ethics is a fundamental key to delivering authentic and reliable news.

As Ms. Chunlaiad and Mr. Nguyen aptly agreed upon, only through strict adherence to journalistic codes of ethics can the integrity of journalism be maintained and the dangerous spread of fake news be effectively contained.

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