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D-Day 80th Anniversary: Aswin Techajareonvikul Honors WWII Heroes in Pattaya Ceremony

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In a poignant ceremony that resonated with echoes of history, Mr. Aswin Techajareonvikul, the esteemed Honorary Patron of the Royal British Legion Thailand, joined the D-Day 80th Anniversary Commemoration to honor the valiant Allied troops. These courageous forces, amply supported by sea and air, engaged in one of the most monumental land battles of World War II. The commemoration took place on 6 June 2024, at the picturesque Royal Varuna Yacht Club, under the adept organization of the Royal British Legion Thailand.

Reflecting on this historic occasion, Mr. Aswin remarked, “Today, we mark 80 years since the D-Day landings, which stand as the largest seaborne invasion in history. This pivotal event initiated the liberation of France and Western Europe. The bravery displayed by British troops, alongside forces from various nations, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and Poland, remains a testament to their courage in the face of adversity.”

Mr. Aswin continued, “As Honorary Patron of the Royal British Legion Thailand, I am privileged to participate in today’s D-Day 80th Anniversary Commemoration here in Pattaya. It is a time for reflection, to honor the sacrifice and dedication of all those who contributed to shifting the balance in World War II. Their legacy is a powerful reminder of the cost of freedom.”

D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944, is more than just a historical landmark; it is a symbol of the unyielding strength found in unity, camaraderie, and sacrifice. This monumental event exemplifies how nations from diverse backgrounds can unite to overcome formidable challenges, reinforcing the pillars of cooperation, bravery, and solidarity against oppression for the greater good of humanity.

The day was not just a remembrance; it was a celebration of the enduring values that these heroes fought for—values that continue to shape our present and inspire our future. The Royal Varuna Yacht Club provided a serene yet fitting backdrop for this heartfelt commemoration, paying tribute to those who fought and fell, ensuring their stories live on in the hearts of generations to come.


  1. JohnSmith June 10, 2024

    The ceremony sounds touching, but is it really necessary to have something so extravagant? Couldn’t that money be used to directly support veterans instead?

    • historian_88 June 10, 2024

      I disagree. Commemorations like this are essential for keeping history alive. These events serve an educational purpose that benefits society as a whole.

      • Megan Lee June 10, 2024

        Exactly. If we forget our history, we risk repeating the same mistakes. These ceremonies are a reminder of the sacrifices made for our freedom.

        • JohnSmith June 10, 2024

          I understand that, but couldn’t there be a balance? It just seems like a lot of money for a one-day event.

    • WWIIBuff June 10, 2024

      The money spent on ceremonies creates awareness and can actually lead to increased donations and support for veterans in the long run.

  2. SarahJ June 10, 2024

    It’s wonderful to see international cooperation celebrated, especially in these difficult times.

  3. Fox9987 June 10, 2024

    Let’s not forget that the Allies caused a lot of destruction during WW2. Are we really celebrating violence?

    • Tom Warrick June 10, 2024

      War is indeed tragic, but the D-Day invasion was crucial in ending Nazi tyranny. It’s about honoring those who fought for a just cause.

      • Fox9987 June 10, 2024

        Still, it’s a complex issue. We shouldn’t whitewash history by only focusing on one side’s heroism.

  4. Anna M. June 10, 2024

    My grandfather fought in WW2, and these ceremonies mean a lot to families who lost loved ones.

  5. historian_88 June 10, 2024

    I appreciate Mr. Aswin’s comments about the bravery and unity displayed during D-Day. These are values we should all aspire to, even today.

  6. Kenny June 10, 2024

    What a beautiful setting for such an important event. The Royal Varuna Yacht Club sounds perfect for honoring our heroes.

    • Lisa Tan June 10, 2024

      I agree! The serene environment must have added to the dignity of the ceremony.

      • Kenny June 10, 2024

        Exactly. It’s the least we can do to honor their sacrifice properly.

  7. Chad B. June 10, 2024

    Isn’t it odd that this commemoration happened in Thailand? Why not in a place directly involved in D-Day?

    • Traveler45 June 10, 2024

      Good question. But I think it’s a testament to the global impact of WW2. Plus, it shows the respect Thailand has for international history.

      • Chad B. June 10, 2024

        I see your point. It’s just that commemorating such events in their original locations seems more impactful to me.

  8. Eli June 10, 2024

    I think Mr. Aswin’s involvement highlights the importance of international leaders recognizing pivotal moments in history.

  9. Skeptic14 June 10, 2024

    I hope this isn’t just a publicity stunt for Mr. Aswin.

  10. Barry June 10, 2024

    Does anyone know if any veterans attended the ceremony?

    • Nancy P. June 10, 2024

      From what I’ve read, there were a few veterans in attendance. It’s nice to see them being honored while they’re still with us.

  11. Progressive123 June 10, 2024

    While honoring past heroes is important, I hope we are also focusing on ensuring we don’t get involved in such destructive wars again.

  12. WorldPeace June 10, 2024

    Events like these can serve as both a commemoration and a warning against the perils of conflict.

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