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Daring 76 Million Baht Heist in Chiang Mai: Pudit and Adisak’s High-Stakes Theft Unraveled

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In an astonishing sequence of events that sounds like it’s pulled straight from a high-octane thriller, two men have become the center of a gripping tale in Chiang Mai, proving that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction. Embarking on a daring heist that would have made professional bank robbers tip their hats in respect, these individuals managed to pilfer a staggering 76 million baht (which, for context, is the kind of money that could buy you a luxury yacht or a villa in some parts of the world) from a seemingly secure residence in the heart of Thailand’s northern jewel, Chiang Mai.

The plot thickens with the arrest of the duo, Pudit and Adisak, whose ages are 39 and 45, respectively. Like characters straight out of a crime drama, they were nabbed by the authorities clutching the remains of their loot—a collection of jewelry and a whopping 37 million baht in cold hard cash. It’s the kind of scene that makes you wonder whether you’re reading a news article or the plot summary of the latest box office hit.

The heist itself took place under the veil of night on April 11, targeting a luxury abode nestled within the gated confines of a posh community in tambon Mae Hia. Imagine the audacity it takes to break into a home within such a fortified enclave—this was no spur-of-the-moment act, but a premeditated strike aimed at amassing wealth by illicit means. The loss reported by the devastated homeowners was not only financial but also deeply personal, with 38.7 million baht in cash, 300 gold-plated Buddha amulets valued at 35 million baht, and another million baht in gold all vanishing into the night.

Digging deeper into this tale, authorities uncovered that the stolen fortunes were not entirely squandered away. In a twist that adds layers to our villains, some of the stolen bounty was exchanged for a car, perhaps a misguided effort to celebrate their escapade or simply a move to blend into the mundane motions of everyday life.

The backstory to this heist reveals a complex web of relationships and grudges stretching back over a decade. The victim, a contractor by profession, and the culprits, owners of a seemingly innocuous door latch company, were entwined not just by their business dealings in construction and real estate, but by a burgeoning conflict over alleged late payments. This simmering dispute, festering over two years, led the duo to exact their revenge in a manner most dramatic—by breaking into the contractor’s residence, exploiting the very door locks their professional lives revolved around.

But here’s where the story takes an even more bewildering turn—the culprits, in a display of what could only be described as criminal eccentricity, decided to dispose of the gold and amulets by stuffing them into a garbage bag and carelessly tossing it aside on a pile of trash. One has to wonder at the logic (or lack thereof) that drove this decision, turning what could have been a carefully calculated heist into a half-hearted disposal of treasures.

The saga continues as the police, armed with the relentless tenacity of detectives from a noir film, pour over CCTV footage and leads, determined to unravel this mystery and restore what can be salvaged to the rightful owners. This episode, blending the mundane details of residential security with the intrigue of a personal vendetta, offers a cautionary tale and a riveting story all rolled into one. Keep your eyes peeled and your treasures secured, for the streets of Chiang Mai have proven that they’re not just a backdrop for serene landscapes and temple visits but also for heists that could rival those of Hollywood’s making.


  1. ChiangMaiLover April 19, 2024

    Wow, this story is unbelievable! Goes to show, no matter how secure you think your assets are, there’s always a risk. This sounds like something out of a movie!

    • RealistRaj April 19, 2024

      It’s true but also a bit sad that people are glorifying this act. It’s a crime, after all. The victims lost not just money but their sense of security.

      • ChiangMaiLover April 19, 2024

        Fair point, Raj. I didn’t mean to glorify the crime. It’s the audacity and the planning that sounded cinematic. My heart goes out to the victims.

  2. LegalEagle101 April 19, 2024

    This heist is a reminder of why we need to tighten security and legal consequences for such acts. I’m curious about the legal proceedings going forward!

    • SkepticalSue April 19, 2024

      The legal system is a mess. These guys will probably be out in no time, planning their next big adventure. Does crime pay? Seems like it does.

  3. TreasureHunter April 19, 2024

    I can’t help but feel impressed by the sheer audacity of their plan. Of course, I don’t condone crime, but you’ve got to admit, it’s fascinating.

  4. SecuritySam April 19, 2024

    This should serve as a wake-up call for all of us. Investing in top-tier security systems and vetting those with access to our homes is crucial.

    • CheapCharlie April 19, 2024

      Top-tier security systems cost an arm and a leg though. Not everyone can afford those. What then, live in fear?

  5. HistoryBuff April 19, 2024

    I see a lot of parallels with historic heists. It’s almost like these criminals studied them to craft their own. Anyone else getting those vibes?

    • ModernThief April 19, 2024

      Definitely. It’s like they took notes from every major heist movie or book out there. Almost admire the dedication… almost.

  6. golden_retriever April 19, 2024

    The fact they threw away gold and amulets in a trash bag? That’s where they lost me. What a waste of perfectly good treasure.

    • BuddhaFan April 19, 2024

      Right? Those amulets could have had significant cultural and religious value. Beyond the monetary loss, there’s a cultural one too.

    • GarbagePicker April 19, 2024

      Anyone know where this trash pile is asking for a friend 😂

  7. PennyPincher April 19, 2024

    Spending part of the loot on a car seems like a bad move. Now they have a traceable asset. Criminals aren’t always the brightest.

    • CarLover April 19, 2024

      Exactly my thought! Plus, they picked something that depreciates in value. If you’re going to steal, at least invest wisely!

  8. EthicsEnforcer April 19, 2024

    Everyone’s fascinated with the ‘how’ but isn’t this a perfect example of the erosion of moral values today? We should be condemning, not romanticizing.

  9. ThrillSeeker April 19, 2024

    I would pay to watch a movie based on this heist. The planning, the execution, the aftermath – it’s all so gripping!

    • Cinephile April 19, 2024

      Agreed! This has all the makings of a blockbuster. Who would you cast as Pudit and Adisak?

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