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Deadly Fire Drill Explosion: Bangkok School Tragedy Exposes Shocking Safety Failures!

In the aftermath of a tragic explosion at Rajavinit Mathayom School in Bangkok’s Dusit district, Governor Chadchart Sittipunt is demanding an overhaul of disaster prevention and mitigation systems. The explosion, caused by a carbon dioxide extinguisher during a fire drill, left one student dead and several injured, prompting City Hall to suspend all fire evacuation drills until fire-fighting equipment has been inspected for safety.

As part of the response to the incident, all carbon dioxide extinguishers have been recalled from fire stations, with stations and district offices receiving instructions to work alongside community leaders to inspect all extinguishers in the city for potential damage, leaks, or issues. To ensure these inspections are conducted effectively, guidelines will be established. Any faulty or damaged fire extinguishers will be replaced at the district office level, and those who discover faulty equipment can alert the appropriate authorities through the Traffy Fondue website.

Deputy governor Thawida Kamolvej further elaborated that mock extinguishers will be utilized in future fire drill demonstrations to minimize risks. “The standard of operations will be revised to come into line with that of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation,” Kamolvej stated.

The safety of fire extinguishers used during drills has now come under scrutiny, and Governor Chadchart has ordered City Hall officials to avoid using fire extinguishers from other agencies in fire drills. They have also been instructed to gather information on firefighting equipment in communities, including information about the latest inspection dates and locations.

Chadchart expressed regret over the loss of life, emphasizing that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will inspect fire extinguishers for safety in the future. The police are currently investigating the cause of the explosion.

Meanwhile, the Criminal Court has granted bail to the three officials charged in relation to the explosion—Naphat Loymek, Atthapol Buthongrat, and Chat-achana Boonkerd—each posting a 50,000-baht bail. According to the police report, the officials allegedly used an old, substandard fire extinguisher in the demonstration without providing sufficient protection for the students.

As the mourning family of the deceased student, Khumthong Premmanee, prepares for a funeral, they have only heard from the school and City Hall regarding compensation for their loss. No communication has been received from the head of the agency responsible for the fire drill demonstration.

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