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Deadly Influenza Outbreak Engulfs Thailand! A Startling 970,000 Infected – Is this the Worst Health Crisis Since COVID-19?

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In a stark and somewhat alarming update regarding public health, the Department of Disease Control (DDC) has recently reported that the yearly influenza infection rates have surpassed an astonishing 970,000 this year. A serious escalation from last year’s figures, the present count is a harrowing three times greater, driving home the highly transmissible nature of the seasonal flu virus.

Tragically, a mortality case has been reported amidst the infected populace. The unfortunate individual was a 39-year-old male who succumbed to complications originating from chronic liver disease intertwined with alcoholism. Expressing his grave concern, the Deputy Director-General of the DDC, Dr. Sopon Iamsirithaworn, has driven home the significance of vaccination, particularly for those deemed at a higher risk including people above 65 and those dealing with chronic illnesses.

Dr. Sopon also urged the broader public to adopt self-isolation practices and to use face masks upon experiencing any symptoms of influenza infection. To make sure that those within the higher-risk group are fully protected, Dr. Sopon implored this group to proactively seek a flu vaccination at the nearest government-operated healthcare facility.

Adding another layer to public health protocols, Dr. Sopon advocated for regular and thorough hand washing as a supplementary preventative measure against the influenza virus.

Adding a note of urgency to the current situation, Dr. Sopon disclosed that the H1N1 strain of influenza, which has been prevalent in the Thai population for over 14 years, is running rampant amidst the surge in influenza infection cases. However, he assured that this specific strain of the virus is not abnormally severe or virulent.

Addressing the swirling rumours linking severe influenza symptoms to individuals having recovered from Covid-19 or received vaccination, Dr. Sopon unequivocally stated there is no substantial evidence to support such claims, thus debunking the false theories.

Presenting guidelines from the World Health Organization, Dr. Sopon highlighted the dominant seasonal flu symptoms comprise of fever, bouts of coughing, headaches, sore throat, runny nose, alongside muscle and joint pain accompanied by intense malaise. The coughing spells could potentially persist for over two weeks and could be severe in nature, he cautioned.

However, Dr. Sopon offered a hopeful note, sharing that most individuals recover in approximately a week without the need for medical intervention. Nevertheless, he tightly warned that seemingly harmless cases of influenza infection could drastically spiral and pose significant health risks, or even result in fatalities, particularly amongst individuals from the higher-risk groups.

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