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Deadly Mosquito Menace: Bangkok’s Epic Battle Against Dengue Fever – City-Wide Collaboration to Defeat Lethal Disease!

Dengue fever, a tropical viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes, has a mortality rate ranging between 0.8% and 2.5% for those who exhibit severe symptoms. This deadly ailment is primarily spread by the female Aedes mosquito species, with Aedes aegypti being the main culprit.

As a response to this widespread issue, Aekvarunyoo revealed that regular cleaning events are held every week in at-risk communities to help maintain a mosquito-free environment. These activities help to ensure the elimination of mosquito breeding grounds by reducing the growth of larvae.

In a city-wide collaboration, BMA officials and local residents are working together to inspect homes, schools, religious sites, government properties, and public spaces for potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes, such as puddles, water jars, and other unused containers. To further assist in the eradication of mosquito larvae, Temephos sand, a known larvicide, has been distributed to households for use in still water sources.

Aekvarunyoo highlighted that BMA has joined forces with private partners to offer dengue fever prevention training courses at schools in high-risk areas throughout the city. The initiative encourages students to share the knowledge gained from these courses with their parents and community members, in an effort to safeguard the entire community from the disease.

In addition to these efforts, Aekvarunyoo stated, “Please ensure any unused water containers in your home are eliminated, as these can serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Regularly change the water in tanks or ponds and utilize Temephos sand or guppy fish, which are known to consume larvae. Most importantly, clean your house and dispose of garbage and unnecessary items at least once a week to maintain a healthy living space.”

Aekvarunyoo also pointed out that BMA’s Public Relations Department is playing an integral role in supporting the city’s public health campaign. The department continually broadcasts information through various channels on how people can protect themselves from both dengue fever and Covid-19, as well as offering guidance on identifying symptoms of these infectious diseases and seeking appropriate treatment.

In the ongoing battle against dengue fever, awareness and proactive measures on the part of both the citizens and authorities are of paramount importance. By working together, the entire community can help to create a safer and healthier environment free from the dangers of this potentially deadly disease.

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