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Digital Uproar: MFP’s Radical Plan to Overhaul Digital Control in Thailand – Free Speech or Chaos Awaits?

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The Move Forward Party (MFP) has pledged to revamp the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) after forming the next government. In a recent Facebook post, the party announced that its first order of business would be to disband the Anti-Fake News Centre, an agency under the DES Ministry. The MFP believes that the state should not dictate what is true or false but should instead allow society to scrutinize, debate, and present various versions of the truth.

MFP cited Taiwan’s Cofacts as a model, a citizen-driven fact-checking platform designed to combat fake news. The party envisions a DES Ministry focused on contributing to rights and freedom instead of blocking websites. The MFP is also proposing a computer bill aimed at removing state powers that silence people.

Another initiative put forward by the MFP is the implementation of a single digital identity policy, which would connect the databases of all state agencies, making it easier for citizens to access public services. The party is determined to consolidate separate databases into a single system in support of this policy upon forming a government.

Recognizing the importance of developing the country’s information technology infrastructure for economic growth, the MFP plans to create a comprehensive database that stores information from state agencies and the private sector. This will allow citizens to access and utilize the data for economic and social benefits, with safety standards in place to protect private information. The party acknowledges that the information mega-project will require extensive legal and technological work.

Additionally, the MFP aims to establish an open system that discloses information on state procurement projects in easily accessible and scrutinizable formats. Meetings held by state agencies would be broadcasted live and recorded, allowing the public to monitor and track government officials’ actions. The MFP’s Facebook post highlights the importance of the DES Ministry as the driving force behind reshaping the country.

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