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Educational Outrage: Mass Deportation of Innocent Students Sparks Human Rights Controversy – Will Justice Prevail?

A total of 126 students were attendees at the prestigious Thairath Wittaya School 6 located in Pa Mok District of Ang Thong. Most of the students, bar a minuscule five, have been commissioned back to their homeland. As for the remaining five, they are aged between 6-14 years and are currently in a state of uncertainty, with no visual of their parents coming forward to claim them, revealed the council president Wichien Chubthaisong.

Of these 126 children, there were a few familiar faces in the school, precisely 54 of them, noted Chubthaisong. The rest of the attendees were the first-timers. Nevertheless, he opined that casting them aside in the middle of an ongoing school term is an absolute contravention of their basic human right to education, not to mention totally unprincipled.

In addition to this, Chubthaisong disclosed the council’s intention to press charges against five executives of Thairath Wittaya School 6. The reason was their alleged approval of the deportation by going against the principles of human rights.

The school’s director, Ms. Kanlaya Thasom, expressed her bewilderment upon discovering that lawsuits will be filed against her. She vehemently stated to the reporters on Monday that she complied with all the regulations prescribed by the Education Ministry.

Continuing her defense, she added that she had sought assistance from the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security for the welfare of the children. Alas, she suspected a major communication disconnect to be the cause of these agencies eventually advocating for the relocation to Myanmar of foreign students who were without citizenship registration documents.

The OBEC took strict measures against Kanlaya as they suspended her from her duties and barred her from entering the school premises along with forbidding her from establishing any contact with the students.

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