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Emotional Return: Exiled Thai Tycoon Thaksin Shinawatra Finally Reunites With Family After 17 Long Years!

Yesterday, Yingluck Shinawatra, the ex-Prime Minister, conveyed her heartfelt wishes via social media to her elder brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, celebrating his reunion with the family in Thailand. This event came about following Thaksin’s departure from Singapore aboard his private jet, which landed in Thailand’s Don Mueang airport on Tuesday morning. Thaksin was previously exiled, but made the decision to return home after 17 years away. Yingluck was by his side during this momentous journey, accompanying him on his flight from Dubai to Singapore, and then waving him off on his final leg to Thailand.

Yingluck magnified the occasion by posting touching images on Facebook and Instagram, showing shared moments with Thaksin shortly before he left. Her message deeply reflected her brother’s long-standing desire to return to his homeland. In her post, she acknowledged the years of loneliness, melancholy and homesickness her brother must have felt living away from Thailand. She also expressed her respect admiration for Thaksin’s strong will and determination to be back with their family.

“The day you’ve awaited for so long is finally here,” Yingluck passionately wrote. “I’ll remember our trip together from Dubai until your departure. I hope you have a safe journey and find good fortune ahead. Please stay healthy and don’t worry about me. In my solitude abroad, I’ll be strong and patient, taking good care of myself. As for six years, you’ve looked after me while I’ve been away.”

The video clip capturing Thaksin’s emotional flight and Yingluck’s heartfelt send-off has become quite the talking point.

Yingluck herself has spent a significant amount of time away from their homeland. On the 27th of September 2017, the Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions of the Supreme Court sentenced the ex-PM to a five-year jail term. The accusations against her were related to her government’s failure to prevent fraudulent and corruption-riddled government-to-go rice sales from its much-debated rice-pledging scheme.

The court’s judgement was served in Yingluck’s absence. Initially, the announcement was delayed from August 25, 2017, as Yingluck failed to present herself. Consequently, a warrant was issued for her arrest. It was later reported that Yingluck had escaped the country before this judgement and met Thaksin in Dubai.

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