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Exclusive Culinary Explosion: IRPC & Iron Chef Unleash Rayong’s Gastronomy Tourism Potential – Foodies, Prepare to Be Amazed!

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IRPC Public Company Limited (IRPC) is steadfast in their support for local farmers and promotion of gastronomy tourism. Under the leadership of Mr. Kris Imsang, CEO and President, IRPC builds on the successful establishment of the Learning Center and Integrated Agricultural Tourism at Yai Da Garden, also known as “Jae Boonchuen,” in Rayong Province. With its official opening in June 2022, the project received an overwhelmingly positive response from the local farmers, tourists and other organizations, which fueled IRPC’s ambition to continue with their vision of expanding Rayong’s potential as a gastronomy tourism hotspot.

At the heart of the project’s mission is the desire to showcase the diverse food culture and heritage of the Rayong Province, providing a priceless opportunity for economic and social upliftment in the area’s tourism industry. IRPC cleverly infuses local wisdom and diverse agricultural elements into the menus under the concept ‘Chef’s Table: From Farm to Function.’ This initiative seamlessly connects the local farmers with relevant businesses in the food and tourism sectors, sparking career growth opportunities for the community surrounding IRPC’s industrial zones.

In pursuing their objectives, IRPC has joined forces with the renowned “Chef Bew,” also known as Mr. Phutecho Kanchanakittikul, a distinguished veteran of Iron Chef Thailand with an impressive background in Thailand’s and international 5-star hotels. Chef Bew demonstrates an insightful comprehension of local culture and Rayong Province’s raw materials, helping to create appetizing menu options that include nutritious dishes and food with medicinal properties. Moreover, Chef Bew’s active contributions have positioned Chanthaburi as one of the Creative Cities of Gastronomy endorsed by UNESCO.

Some of the delightful dishes featured in the IRPC project include the “Mangosteen Butterfly Pea Mocktail,” a revitalizing beverage that preserves the original flavor of mangosteens by using a traditional squeezing technique. This drink is combined with butterfly pea juice, offering both health benefits and a refreshing twist. Another notable culinary creation is the rich “Granny Da Durian Mousse” and the innovative “Krathong Salad,” fusing different fruits in a unique Thai salad style that entices the palate.

As part of their commitment to the Learning Center and Integrated Agricultural Tourism at Yai Da Garden, “Jae Boonchuen,” IRPC has introduced numerous initiatives to support the community. The “White Bear Fertilizer,” for example, has developed a new nano zinc oxide fertilizer specifically for fruit trees such as durian, mangosteen, and snake fruit. In essence, the “Mor Din Clinic” acts as a soil research center, providing soil test kits to analyze nutrient content, aiding farmers in determining the appropriate fertilizers for their soil conditions. Expert analysis of collected soil samples includes follow-up visits to the orchards for personalized advice on soil conditioning and suitable fertilizer usage.

The “Parabola Dome” is another critical component in the community’s growth, as a solar-powered drying facility that helps create products like dried pepper, dried bananas, dried herbs, and dried mangosteen peel, which may be ground into a fine powder. This facility extends its support to aid in logo design and packaging development for these products.

In conclusion, IRPC prioritizes sustainable business growth, ensuring a fine balance between economic expansion, natural resource preservation, and community enhancement. Through their unwavering commitment, IRPC envisions a mutually sustainable coexistence that benefits both the company and the communities they serve.

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