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Exclusive Reveal: THAI Airways Expands Local Network with Unseen Flight Routes! Discover the Strategic Masterplan for Global Domination!

Delighting travelers with its commitment to excellent service, THAI (Thai Airways International) is preparing to expand its wings throughout Thailand. From Suvarnabhumi International Airport in bustling Bangkok, THAI promises to connect passengers to a multitude of picturesque destinations. They include the emerald beaches of Krabi, the vibrant city of Khon Kaen, the idyllic beaches of Phuket, the southern gem of Narathiwat, the mountainous splendor of Chiang Rai, the cultural heartland of Chiang Mai, the urban buzz of Udon Thani, the exotic allure of Hat Yai, and the spiritual hub of Ubon Ratchathani.

With these exciting changes set to take place during the winter flight schedule from October 2023 until March 2024, travelers can expect a seamless exploration of Thailand. A reliable source within THAI unveiled this master plan, framing new routes and flight schedules to accommodate customer demands efficiently. Devotees of sandy shores would be thrilled to know that starting from October 1, THAI will provide eight daily flights connecting Bangkok and Phuket. As the calendar flips to October 29, there will be five flights daily between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, followed by three daily offerings to Udon Thani starting on December 1.

A new year brings new beginnings; thus, starting on January 1, THAI proposes two daily flights between Bangkok and Krabi. Likewise, hassle-free travel to Khon Kaen would be assured with four daily flights from the capital city. Joining the portfolio in the New Year will be a daily connection between Bangkok and Narathiwat, alongside two daily routes to Chiang Rai, three to Hat Yai, and two to Ubon Ratchathani.

The national carrier will predominantly use Airbus A320 aircraft previously operated by Thai Smile. For the sun-soaked Phuket, Bangkok route, THAI plans to deploy the Boeing 777-200 ER, a spacious 292-seat jetliner. Our inside source confirmed this move, hinting at THAI’s strategy to handle the anticipated influx of holidaymakers to the beach paradise during the high season.

Thai Smile is expected to remain operational on the Bangkok-Phuket route until the close of November. However, come December 1, the budget airline will transition to THAI’s TG code. In line with THAI’s rehabilitation strategy, Thai Smile is preparing for an early 2024 merger with its parent airline, ending its decade-long journey from its initiation in July 2012. Serving 16 destinations within Thailand and 14 throughout Asia, Thai Smile’s departure allows THAI to refocus on its long-haul international routes, further cementing its status as a global aviation leader.

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