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Exclusive Scoop: Woman Puts Car for Sale to Fund Secret Wedding! Is She Challenging Monogamy Ashore or an Trend-setter on the Rise?

In the enchanting land of Thailand, a certain woman has defied convention in her quest for marital aspirations, limited not by desire but by mere financial constraints. Unfazed, she plucks the thorns of her predicaments by offering her treasured motorcar as the key to her amorous endeavours. Eagerly intrigued by an unconventional car sale sign, local Thai citizen, Nipon Phosi, seized the opportunity to share this unique story with various media outlets.

The sign, in a frank and compelling call for urgency and candidness, stated, “Rapid liquidation required. My romantic entanglement relies on this. 90,000 baht, cash preferred. Negotiations? Always open.” Adorned with the allure of a discounted purchase, buyer’s attractiveness may sway the bargain.

The four-wheeler on offer is the venerated Toyota Vios sedan, a classic 2005 model with a elegant vintage bronze aesthetic. Immortalizing a piece of automotive history, the launch price for this motor icon began at a staggering 560,000 baht in its prime year. A well-kept relic appreciating in value, the current market offers approximately 99,000 baht for its used counterpart, thereby making this particular Vios a budget-friendly choice juxtaposed against contemporaries.

The face behind this unorthodox proposition, Angsumalin, candidly addressed questions posed by media agencies. The contents of her sale sign, she proclaimed, were undeniably true. While still tethered to a marriage, she has found herself amorously ensnared by the charm of a man whom she also calls her colleague.

A woman of action, Angsumalin not only dreams of a swift marital ceremony, but she is also not afraid to marry her desires with drastic measures. Convinced that the quickest route to marital bliss lies in the sale of her car, her determination does not waver. Extending a possibility of an attractive discount, she embraces her unabashed appreciation for good looks, unafraid to use it as a winning negotiation point.

In present-day Thailand, she believes in challenging the traditional norms of monogamy, voicing her insights with bold bravado. “The zeitgeist demands change. The era of women having but a single husband is passe. Resist traditional gender bias! Let men not corner the market on polygamy, we too can share in the bounty. Buy my car; my future spouse awaits.”

Echoing the sentiments of several intrigued netizens, Nipon hopes for a successful denouement to Angsumalin’s creative endeavor. The perfect blend of romance, ambition, and ingenuity has proved to be a tale that captivated watchers far and wide, leaving all curious about not just her fate, but the identity of her lover as well.

Photograph courtesy: Sanook

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