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Experience Italy in Every Bite: Chef Bruno Ferrari’s Culinary Masterpieces at Volti Tuscan Grill & Bar

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Welcome to a gastronomic journey that promises to whisk you away to the sun-drenched hills and vibrant streets of Italy, without ever leaving the comfort of your city. Picture this: a place where every bite is a narrative, every dish tells a story. This isn’t just any dining experience; this is Volti Tuscan Grill & Bar, where Executive Italian Chef Bruno Ferrari crafts magic on a plate, turning the simple act of dining into an art form.

Imagine starting your culinary adventure with a dish that’s a symphony of flavors, textures, and freshness – the Beef Tartar. Priced at THB 810++, it’s not merely food; it’s a discovery of how the simplest ingredients can be transformed into a masterpiece under the deft hands of Chef Ferrari. Then, for those who lean towards the allure of the ocean, the Astice Soup at THB 1,990++ is like diving into the deep sea and surfacing with a treasure trove of rich, luxurious tastes.

But why stop there? Volti’s “From the Grill” section beckons with the promise of the ultimate carnivorous challenge – the T-Bone Fiorentina Wagyu Black Opal 1.5KG, a towering THB 7,880++ testament to the skill of the grill and the quality of the meat. This isn’t just a steak; it’s the zenith of grilling achievement, designed not only to satiate but to astonish.

Each creation at Volti isn’t just cooked; it’s curated. It’s a tapestry of Italian culture, woven from the freshest ingredients and served with passion. The ambiance, the flavors, and the hospitality all unite to transport you straight to the heart of Italy, making every dinner not just a meal, but an unforgettable experience.

And the best part? This slice of Tuscan heaven is open daily for dinner from 6pm to 10pm. To ensure your passage to this culinary nirvana, it’s wise to book your table in advance. Let tonight be the night when you taste the artistry of Tuscan flavors in their most refined and spectacular form.

To embark on this exquisite dining adventure, reach out for reservations by calling the Shangri-La Bangkok’s restaurant reservations desk at 0 2236 7777, or shoot an email to [email protected]. For a sneak peek at this dining Eden, or to make your reservation online, visit the hotel website here.

Ready your palate, for at Volti Tuscan Grill & Bar, every dish is a journey, and every flavor a destination. Beneath the starry Italian skies, Chef Bruno Ferrari awaits to enchant you with his culinary wizardry. Buon appetito!


  1. SaraLovesFood May 20, 2024

    This all sounds incredibly pretentious. Wonder if the average person can even appreciate this level of dining, or is it just for the Instagram crowd?

    • GourmetGary May 20, 2024

      I think you’re missing the point, Sara. It’s about experiencing high-quality, artisanal food that’s been thoughtfully prepared. Not everything has to be accessible to everyone.

      • SaraLovesFood May 20, 2024

        Maybe, Gary. Just seems over the top to me. Isn’t food about bringing people together, not separating them with high prices and fancy names?

    • EatPrayLoveTravel May 20, 2024

      I visited Volti last month! It was an unforgettable experience. Sure, it’s pricey, but it’s worth it for a special occasion. The T-Bone Fiorentina is a dream!

  2. CasualDiner89 May 20, 2024

    7,880++ for a steak? That’s more than my rent! LOL. I guess I’ll stick to my favorite local pizza place.

    • LuxuryLinda May 20, 2024

      It’s not just steak – it’s an experience, an art. Some people invest in experiences rather than material goods. To each their own!

      • BudgetBilly May 20, 2024

        An experience that lasts an hour vs a whole month’s rent? Hard pass. Some things just aren’t practical investments.

  3. ChefWannabe May 20, 2024

    Chef Bruno Ferrari is a legend! His dishes are like eating a piece of Italy’s soul. Can’t wait to save up and try this place.

    • TraditionalTom May 20, 2024

      Is it really authentic though? Real Italian food is about simplicity and tradition, not overpriced dishes and fancy terms.

      • ChefWannabe May 20, 2024

        Authenticity can be subjective, Tom. It doesn’t always have to stick to tradition. Creativity and innovation are what keep culinary arts alive.

  4. HealthFreak123 May 20, 2024

    Is there any option for vegans or are we just ignoring the dietary trends of the 21st century here?

    • VeganVibes May 20, 2024

      Actually, they do offer a vegan menu. It’s surprisingly thoughtful and sophisticated. Definitely not an afterthought!

  5. AnthonyB May 20, 2024

    Everything sounds delicious but remember folks, a prestigious experience doesn’t always justify extravagant spending. It’s nice for a treat, though.

    • SpendThrifty May 20, 2024

      Exactly this! It’s all about balance. Enjoy the finer things in life, but always within your means.

  6. WorldTraveler May 20, 2024

    Having dined in Italy myself, I’m skeptical that any restaurant outside could replicate the authentic taste. Curious if this lives up to the hype.

    • ItalianAtHeart May 20, 2024

      I visited Italy last summer and then ate at Volti. It’s as close as you can get outside of Italy. Chef Ferrari really knows what he’s doing.

  7. LocalFoodie May 20, 2024

    Why go Italian when we have such amazing local cuisines right here? I’ll support our local chefs and eateries.

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