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From Struggles to Triumph! Meet the Scholarship Recipient Destined for Change: Is He Thailand’s Next Beacon of Hope?

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At 23 years old, Chainarong Maneewong is passionate about education, all thanks to the Bangkok Post Foundation scholarship that funded his studies in Thai language from the Faculty of Education at Chiang Mai University. Now a proud graduate, Chainarong is bracing himself to fulfill his childhood passion of fostering knowledge, teaching in his home province of Chiang Mai.

Chainarong’s passion for the underprivileged is part of his future teaching career. He aspires to use his gained knowledge to give back and help a great number of needy children, securing scholarships for them to make their educational dreams a reality.

Chainarong’s strong dedication to education was fuelled by his humble background. His father, a taxi driver, and his mother, a jewelry store assistant, struggled to make ends meet. However, his father’s untimely demise left his mother the Herculean task of catering to Chainarong and his elder brother.

Although Chainarong’s brother had to terminate his education after high school in order to work and support the family, Chainarong demonstrates exceptional promise. Having excelled in his university admission exams, he was easily admitted into the esteemed Chiang Mai University.

Soon after gaining admission, Chainarong was recommended to apply for the Bangkok Post Foundation scholarship. The foundation officials soon acknowledged his potential, approving the funding for his five-year academic journey.

Chainarong, while appreciative of the Foundation’s support, did not slack on his personal responsibilities. He became part of the university’s Thai traditional music club, performing in public spots in central Chiang Mai over the weekends to earn some extra income.

The gratitude Chainarong holds for the Bangkok Post Foundation is immeasurable. According to him, the foundation was accommodating and supportive throughout his university days, linking seamlessly with the university and conducting regular follow-ups on his academic progress.

Presently, Chainarong has concluded TOEIC and is readily applying for a teaching post at a local school in Chiang Mai. His aspiration is to help and guide other students, assisting them to have bright futures as he did.

In addition, Chainarong is committed to establishing an education fund that offers scholarships to needy students, thereby reducing their financial burdens and allowing complete focus on their academics.

The Bangkok Post Foundation, since its inception, has been a beacon of hope to young Thai students. Established in 1982 with a kickoff fund of 500,000 baht, it was devised to give underprivileged children the equal opportunity of school experience like their other Thai counterparts.

Over the years, the foundation has granted scholarships worth about 3,900 and successfully helped 750 needy students, including orphans and children with disabilities, graduate from universities and vocational institutions.

However, to keep the foundation’s noble mission alive, more funds and donation are required. Interested persons, who can contribute to the education of these young enthusiasts, achieving their dreams can do this through the foundation’s website or direct bank deposit.

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