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Giant Panda’s Mysterious Death: Lin Hui’s Tragic Loss Leaves Experts Baffled!

Chiang Mai Zoo management has disclosed more information about the recent loss of Lin Hui, the 21-year-old female giant panda, who was under medical care for a nosebleed. The exact cause of her passing remains a mystery, awaiting the arrival of Chinese experts who will conduct a post-mortem examination.

Top officials from the Zoological Park Organisation of Thailand (ZPO), Chiang Mai Zoo, and other relevant agencies gathered to discuss the details surrounding Lin Hui’s death. The zoo’s director, Wuthichai Muangman, explained that the panda research team had alerted him to her nosebleed while she was in the exhibition zone. Upon receiving the report, Wuthichai notified ZPO director Atthaporn Srihiran and immediately shut down the exhibition zone, enabling Lin Hui to receive prompt medical attention.

Following the incident, the ZPO instructed Chiang Mai Zoo to contact the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA) in Beijing, which in turn advised them to consult the Conservation and Research Centre for Giant Pandas (CCRCGP) in Chengdu. Chinese officials at the consulate-general in Chiang Mai were informed of Lin Hui’s condition and coordinated with panda experts in Chengdu via the Wechat online platform.

Despite receiving treatment under the guidance of Chinese experts, Lin Hui, unfortunately, succumbed to a seizure and passed away peacefully around 1:10 AM on Wednesday. ZPO chairman Detboon Mapraert expressed his deep sorrow over this tragedy and stated that they are awaiting the arrival of Chinese experts to determine the exact cause of her death.

According to veterinarian Thewarat Vetmanat, Lin Hui had reached her golden years but was in good health and exhibiting normal eating habits, with daily health checks conducted. Thewarat, who serves as the acting head of animal health at the zoo, emphasized that Lin Hui demonstrated no signs of illness prior to the nosebleed. Responding to social media rumors about the potential impacts of Chiang Mai’s smog pollution on Lin Hui, Thewarat dismissed these speculations, clarifying that she resided in an air-conditioned enclosure.

Lin Hui was part of a loan program in Thailand, serving as a goodwill ambassador before her scheduled return to China later this year. Born on September 28, 2001, at the Giant Panda Research and Conservation Centre in China’s Sichuan province, she became a star attraction at the Chiang Mai Zoo since her arrival in October 2003. On Wednesday, numerous visitors expressed their sadness after learning about Lin Hui’s sudden passing.

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