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Global Retail Typhoon Walmart Astounded By Thailand’s Sustainability Prowess: A Climate Revolution on the Horizon?

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In a recent gathering, top-tier executives from the global retail giant, Walmart, interacted with Thailand’s ministry permanent-secretary Sedthakiat Krajangwong and several representatives of Thai businesses. The chief agenda of the discussion revolved around Thailand’s commitment to integrated global sustainability norms.

Sedthakiat highlighted that Jeff Rice, assigned with the significant roles of Supply Chain and Sourcing Compliance as Walmart’s senior vice president, expressed a keen interest in understanding Thailand’s practices concerning the carbon border adjustment mechanism, policies on banning deforestation-related products, illegal acts, unregulated, and undisclosed (IUU) fishing activities and standards related to labour welfare.

The Walmart official delegation was made aware of the ministry’s high priority emphasis on sustainability initiatives. They were informed about how Thailand’s private industry players and agricultural workers are taking active measures to observe the ministry’s policy on safety, security, and sustainability.

Adding to this, Sedthakiat mentioned how the ministry has been actively functioning in alignment with the government’s robust BCG (bio, circular, and green) economic framework. This progressive model puts immense focus on leveraging the potential of science and innovation to catalyze economic expansion while maintaining mindful care of the environment.

Keeping its commitment to sustainability practices, the Department of Fisheries has been relentlessly working to curb IUU fishing in Thai water territories. The efforts do not end here, however. They ensure that the well being and rights of the industry workers receive accurate recognition and protection under Thai law.

In a bid to establish sustainability compliance for agricultural product manufacturing, the Department of Agriculture and the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards have been joining forces. The key focus areas of the initiatives include significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during economic crop farming and establishing sustainability norms for rubber plantations that fall in line with the stringent standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Given the broad global presence of Walmart, encompassing more than 10,000 branches across the United States and 19 nations globally, several products from Thailand are being imported. The diversified import list includes offerings like frozen seafood, canned fruits, rice, wooden furniture, electronic appliances, plastic bags, and a variety of playful toys.

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