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Historic Birth: Ayutthaya’s Elephant Chamchuree Delivers Rare Mixed-Sex Twin Calves

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In the enchanting land of Ayutthaya, something utterly extraordinary has taken place. A magnificent 36-year-old elephant named Chamchuree has astounded everyone by giving birth to a delightful pair of twins, a male and a female, a joyous rarity in the world of pachyderms. This magnificent event was officially announced by the Phra Kochaban Foundation.

The dramatic entrance of these precious twin elephants into the world took place in the Royal Elephant Kraal Village, nestled in the historic district of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, on a serene Friday night. Laithongrian Meephan, the proud president of the foundation, couldn’t contain his excitement as he shared the news on the following Saturday.

Chamchuree, with her maternal grace, first introduced the male calf who tipped the scales at a robust 80 kilograms. Just a mere 18 minutes later, the village was blessed with his sister, a charming female calf weighing in at a dainty 60 kilograms. The double surprise filled the air with jubilation, leaving caretakers and onlookers alike in a state of euphoria.

Adding to this delightful tale, Laithongrian mused about the significance of this birth in the kraal’s illustrious history. These twins represent the 94th and 95th births in the village over its 27 years of dedicated elephant care. Their proud father, a 29-year-old behemoth named Siam, must surely be trumpeting with pride somewhere!

Laithongrian further elaborated on the rarity of such an event. While twin elephant births are already a scarce phenomenon, the occurrence of twins of different sexes is almost unheard of. He speculated that Chamchuree’s twins might just be the world’s first mixed-sex twin elephants, adding another layer of awe to this enchanting narrative.

However, the birthing process was not without its challenges. In the midst of the delivery, a devoted mahout sustained an injury while assisting Chamchuree. His dedication and bravery didn’t go unnoticed, and he was promptly taken to the hospital to receive the necessary medical care.

Meanwhile, another elephant story was unfolding in Kanchanaburi, where a team of wildlife and park officials embarked on a mission to locate and provide medical treatment to a sick female elephant named Soithong. The 15-year-old wild elephant, mother to a spirited male calf born just two years ago, was spotted with a troubling swollen left cheek about a month ago as she ventured near a village, prompting local officials to sound the alarm.

A specialist team was quickly assembled to track and treat Soithong, but the search has proven challenging. As they navigate through the dense wilderness, the extent of their success remains uncertain. However, their determination to bring healing to this majestic creature is unwavering.

In this land where the ancient meets the modern, these stories of elephant births and wildlife care remind us of the deep connection between humans and these gentle giants. They inspire a sense of wonder and a profound respect for the natural world, making Ayutthaya a true sanctuary for the magnificent elephants that call it home.


  1. Sarah L. June 8, 2024

    This is such a magnificent event! Twin elephants of different sexes being born is indeed rare and special!

    • EcoWarrior22 June 8, 2024

      Absolutely! It underscores the need for dedicated conservation efforts.

      • Sarah L. June 8, 2024

        Agreed! Chamchuree and her twins are a testament to what proper wildlife care can achieve.

      • Jake June 8, 2024

        But did anyone think about the long-term welfare of these elephants? Elephant calves can be difficult to manage in captivity!

      • EcoWarrior22 June 8, 2024

        I trust the Phra Kochaban Foundation knows what they are doing. They’ve been in this business for decades.

  2. Mike Thompson June 8, 2024

    What’s the big deal? Elephants give birth in the wild all the time.

    • Maria Sanchez June 8, 2024

      That’s true, Mike, but twin births, especially mixed-sex twins, are extremely rare!

    • Mike Thompson June 8, 2024

      I get that, Maria, but drawing so much attention to this feels excessive. It’s just nature doing its thing.

    • Nina W. June 8, 2024

      Mike, part of conservation is celebrating these rare events to highlight the importance of protecting species.

    • Mike Thompson June 8, 2024

      Fair enough, Nina. But I hope this attention translates to real action and not just media hype.

  3. Dr. Phillips June 8, 2024

    This unique birth offers a fascinating opportunity for scientific study. We can learn so much about elephant genetics and behavior.

  4. Adventurer_Joe June 8, 2024

    I think it’s awesome! Kudos to the team for ensuring a safe delivery despite the challenges.

  5. Sophia Chen June 8, 2024

    Chamchuree’s story is heartwarming, but what about Soithong? Why is the focus not on her struggle for survival?

    • Joshua M. June 8, 2024

      Exactly! The efforts to save a sick wild elephant are equally, if not more, important!

    • ElephantLover89 June 8, 2024

      Columns can only cover so much. It’s up to us to spread awareness about Soithong too.

  6. Amanda Green June 8, 2024

    Laithongrian’s enthusiasm is so contagious! The elephant kraal must be over the moon with joy.

  7. Tommy June 8, 2024

    I think it’s cool. Wish I could have seen it in person!

    • Charlotte R. June 8, 2024

      Yes, it’s such a rare and magical moment. Imagine being there to experience it!

    • PenguinPal June 8, 2024

      Totally! Adding this to my travel bucket list!

  8. Connor B. June 8, 2024

    I can’t believe a mahout got injured! That shows the dangers involved in wildlife care.

    • Blake W. June 8, 2024

      Indeed. Their dedication is truly admirable. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

    • ElephantFan June 8, 2024

      People don’t realize how hazardous it can be. They deserve more recognition.

    • Connor B. June 8, 2024

      Absolutely. Here’s hoping for safer conditions moving forward.

  9. K3vin June 8, 2024

    The world needs more good news like this. It’s a reminder of nature’s wonders.

  10. Maddie F. June 8, 2024

    I hope Chamchuree and her babies will be well taken care of. Such a precious moment!

    • Lara June 8, 2024

      I’m sure they will be. The foundation seems really committed.

  11. Oliver S. June 8, 2024

    Anyone else worried about the genetic diversity of these elephants in captivity?

  12. Jessica P. June 8, 2024

    Twins are always a handful! I can only imagine how much more so with elephant calves. Kudos to the caretakers.

    • Giraffelover77 June 8, 2024

      It’s worth every bit of effort though. They’re adorable!

  13. Dr. Matthews June 8, 2024

    This birth could provide critical insights into elephant reproduction and twin development in captivity.

    • ScienceNerd June 8, 2024

      Agreed! The data collected can shape future wildlife conservation efforts.

  14. David King June 8, 2024

    Really hope Soithong is found and treated soon. Her story is just as compelling.

  15. Noah June 8, 2024

    Props to the team for dealing with such a high-stakes delivery. It’s no small feat.

  16. Mary Taylor June 8, 2024

    I just love happy animal news! Best wishes for Chamchuree and her twins.

  17. WildlifeWatcher June 8, 2024

    This makes me appreciate the work done by conservationists even more. They are true heroes.

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