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Historic Royal Titles Bestowed by Thailand’s Newly Crowned King – A Day of Majesty and Unity

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On the morning of May 5, 2019, the dignified Amarindra Vinijaya Throne Hall at the Grand Palace buzzed with excitement as His Majesty the King of Thailand prepared to bestow new titles upon the senior members of the royal family. It was the second day of his grand coronation ceremonies, and the air was tinged with a sense of majesty and historic reverence.

The hall was resplendent as the King conferred titles upon various members of the royal lineage under his new reign. The beloved Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, although absent from the ceremony, was honored with the revered title of Queen Mother. The luminaries attending this prestigious event included Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn, Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali, Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha, Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, His Royal Highness Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti, Her Royal Highness Princess Siribha Chudhabhorn, and Her Royal Highness Princess Aditayadornkitikhun.

This enchanting ceremony not only updated their titles but also reflected their kinship with the new King. For the elder princesses, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and Princess Chulabhorn, their titles were updated to reflect their status as younger sisters of the new Monarch. Likewise, the younger generation of royals, including Princess Bajrakitiyabha, Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, and Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti, saw their original titles, denoting them as grandchildren of the previous King, replaced with new ones illustrating their closer, more direct relation to His Majesty.

Adding a spiritual touch to the ceremony, His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch delivered a heartfelt sermon on the ten kingly virtues. These virtues encapsulate the profound wisdom and ethical guidance a King must embody. They are tenets that emphasize the King’s duty to care for palace retainers, officials, clergy, and the general populace, while encouraging adherence to the constitutional laws, traditions, and Buddhist precepts.

Ensuring that his rule remains untainted by undesirable attachments, the King is to remain honest, devoid of pretence, contemplative, and mindful in his decisions. He must rise above defilements and show benevolence and tolerance, even in the face of anger and discontent, always guided by justice and righteousness.

As the sun shimmered in the clear skies, streets adjacent to the Grand Palace were awash with well-wishers, their cheers of “Long Live the King” echoing through the day. The King’s post-coronation journey along a 7-kilometer route was an exquisite spectacle that witnessed his first public audience since his coronation.

Amidst this regal parade, both Thai citizens and international admirers gathered wearing bright yellow shirts, a symbol of respect and admiration. The King’s visit to three significant temples that afternoon was marked by an overwhelming turnout, with supporters filling Sanam Luang and areas near the Supreme Court from early morning.

A lady from Ayutthaya’s Tha Rua District, overwhelmed with emotion, bowed down with tears streaming down her face as she narrated how she came to pay respects to the sovereign, expressing the collective love the people harbored for him. Another devotee from Krabi shared her confidence in King Rama X’s Jit Arsa volunteer project, seeing it as a conduit for prosperity, reminiscent of the noble endeavors of his father, the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great.

From the northern region of Chiang Mai came more accolades, with an attendee praising His Majesty for being an exemplary role model. She lauded his kindness, the insightful projects he initiated, and his inspirational speeches that nurtured a deep connection with people across all societal strata.

Indeed, the day encapsulated an essence of unity, respect, and the shared aspirations of a nation under the enlightened reign of their newly crowned King. The titles bestowed, the virtues espoused, and the people’s adoration painted a vibrant portrait of Thailand’s majestic monarchy.


  1. Sarah Lee July 9, 2024

    I love seeing such a rich cultural tradition being preserved! It’s beautiful how the titles and ceremonies keep the connection to history alive.

    • John D July 9, 2024

      But doesn’t all this seem a bit outdated? In the 21st century, why should we still place such importance on royal titles?

      • Ella July 9, 2024

        You might see it that way, but for many people, these traditions represent stability and continuity in a rapidly changing world.

      • Sarah Lee July 9, 2024

        Absolutely, Ella! Plus, it’s part of their national identity and culture. We should respect that.

  2. Tommy July 9, 2024

    I don’t understand why so many resources are spent on royal ceremonies. Doesn’t Thailand have more pressing issues to address?

    • Mike P. July 9, 2024

      They do, sure. But these ceremonies foster national pride and unity, which can be just as important. It’s not just about the money.

    • Anna Nguyen July 9, 2024

      I agree with Tommy. It feels excessive. These funds could improve healthcare or education.

    • Sam G. July 9, 2024

      It’s about maintaining a sense of heritage. The monarchy is a huge part of Thai identity, just like the British royal family is for the UK.

  3. Lola July 9, 2024

    I was moved by the people’s emotions, especially the lady from Tha Rua District. Shows how deeply loved the King is.

    • Mason July 9, 2024

      True, you can see how much the King means to them. It’s a powerful bond.

    • Peter July 9, 2024

      Or it’s just propaganda. Hard to tell these days.

  4. RoyalFan98 July 9, 2024

    His Majesty’s commitment to the ten kingly virtues is truly inspiring. More leaders should follow his example.

    • David July 9, 2024

      Sure, but can we really trust that he’ll live up to these ideals? Actions speak louder than words.

    • RoyalFan98 July 9, 2024

      Time will tell, David. But starting with a strong set of principles is crucial.

  5. Kathy S July 9, 2024

    The King’s Jit Arsa volunteer project seems like a fantastic way to engage the community. We need more leaders encouraging civic duty.

    • Mia July 9, 2024

      I agree, Kathy! It’s about creating a sense of togetherness and shared purpose.

  6. HistoryBuff July 9, 2024

    This ceremony was a perfect blend of spirituality and monarchy. The Supreme Patriarch’s sermon was a highlight for me.

  7. Jessie K. July 9, 2024

    Reflective of kinship and tradition! It’s moving to see the younger generation of royals getting updated titles.

  8. Bob T July 9, 2024

    Honestly, why should anyone care about these royal ceremonies? They’re irrelevant in today’s world.

    • Emily R. July 9, 2024

      Speak for yourself, Bob. These ceremonies mean a lot to many people.

    • Michael W. July 9, 2024

      It’s not irrelevant if it brings people joy and cultural continuity.

  9. WiseOwl42 July 9, 2024

    The King’s adherence to the ten virtues is commendable. Imagine if all leaders followed such guidelines – the world could be a better place.

  10. Nina July 9, 2024

    How amazing it must have been to witness the ceremony live, with all its grandeur and history.

    • Adventurer23 July 9, 2024

      Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’d love to see it myself one day!

  11. Alex Wright July 9, 2024

    While some aspects are positive, there’s no denying that monarchies are symbols of inequality. It’s hard to fully support them.

  12. CultureLover July 9, 2024

    The respect and admiration shown by the people was truly touching. There’s something special about these traditions that connect generations.

  13. Sally July 9, 2024

    It’s great to see younger royals taking up roles that connect them to the people directly. They seem to understand modern needs and concerns.

  14. Jake Tira July 9, 2024

    Seems like a significant moment not just for the monarchy but for the entire nation. Let’s hope it brings positive change.

  15. Lily July 9, 2024

    I’m curious about the environmental projects initiated by the new King. Anyone know more details?

    • Mark L. July 9, 2024

      He’s been quite active in promoting sustainability, which is a step in the right direction. I hope they gain traction.

  16. WriterRem July 9, 2024

    These ceremonies remind us of how important rituals are in maintaining a society’s moral compass.

  17. TechGuy July 9, 2024

    I wonder how the monarchy is adapting to the digital age. Are they embracing technology?

  18. Clare July 9, 2024

    The focus on virtues like honesty and benevolence is something we all can learn from. It’s timeless wisdom.

  19. Raymond July 9, 2024

    There’s a reason why monarchies still exist: they provide a sense of continuity and identity for many people.

  20. Devon July 9, 2024

    To see the people’s love and respect for the King in action is truly inspiring. Western countries can learn a lot from this.

  21. Charlize July 9, 2024

    It’s important to see both sides. While these traditions are beautiful, we also have to question how they fit into the modern era.

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