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Hotel in Chiang Mai lowers nightly accommodation rates to 1 baht in an effort to boost tourism

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Currently, over 30% of Chiang Mai’s hotels are booked. The campaign for cheaper costs intends to increase that percentage to 50% this season. Utilize the promo code CNX1 at checkout and use the SCB mobile banking app to pay to receive the discount. There is a daily limit of 200 uses for the code. Only visitors from outside Chiang Mai are eligible. You will receive a 300 baht coupon from the hotel in addition to the reasonable fee of 1 baht, or US$0.028, for the room. Then they’ll pay for your housing and travel expenses! If you’re on a tight budget and wish to visit northern Thailand, make a reservation at the Harmonize Hotel in the district of Chiang Mai this week to benefit from a room for just 1 baht. Why not stop by the Kway Teow Sam Baht (“3 baht noodle”) restaurant in the Mueang district for a bowl (or ten) of 3 baht noodles while on a tight budget vacation? The owner of the restaurant vowed not to raise the price of his noodles despite the fact that inflation had increased the cost of ingredients to record highs. Therefore, log in after midnight and enter the site quickly if you want to have a chance of getting a 1 baht room. Rooms must be reserved through the Robinhood mobile app between August 1 and August 7 to be qualified for the amazing pricing.

The hotel must be notified of a reservation for travel before October 31 by August 7. The 3-star Harmonize Hotel in the Mueang district is one hotel working with the Robin Hood Application and the Tourism Authority of Thailand to promote tourism this season by reducing hotel rates, according to Phunat Thanalapanich, president of the Northern Thai Hotels Association, who made the announcement yesterday. 34 years have passed since he last increased the cost of his 3 baht noodles, and he has no plans to do so soon. The TAT predicts that the program would improve the regional economy by 20 million baht each month this summer. The restaurants, car and motorcycle rental firms, taxi drivers, and other local businesses in Chiang Mai will benefit from more tourists.

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