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Invasion of Tourists Hits Thai Paradise Islands! Thousands Flock for an Epic 6-Day Vacation – Will Safety Measures Hold Up?

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Located in the idyllic eastern province of Trat, the tropical paradise of Ko Kut and Ko Chang is a go-to holiday destination for many. On this particular Friday, the islands witnessed thousands of enthusiastic tourists who were eager to embark on an invigorating six-day-long vacation. The buzzing Laem Sok boat pier in the district of Ao Yai was an astonishing sight, as hoards of travelers, along with their vehicles, lined up eagerly to board the five ferries scheduled to depart for the islands.

Ensuring the safety of these thrill-seeking individuals were officials from the Marine Department and the navy’s Thailand Maritime Enforcement Command Centre. They were on duty at the bustling pier to make certain that every tourist’s journey was safe. The safety teams were led by Atthapol Klinthap, the commendable manager of a top-notch ferry company. The company was ready to welcome an influx of about 1,500 tourists on that day, hoping that the number would swell up to around 4,000 during the entire six-day period. Such volume only goes to prove how popular these islands are among travelers.

Playing a pivotal role in monitoring the safety of these holidaymakers was the Zone 6 Marine Office, headed by Rewat Phoriang. The office had taken the vital initiative to set up a round-the-clock safety command centre; a crucial step taken towards monitoring the weather conditions and dispatching immediate rescue teams in the event of any boat accidents.

Meanwhile, more tourists who were heading out to bask in the natural beauty of Ko Chang, Trat’s other destination island, found themselves at the Ao Thammachart pier situated in the Khlong Yai district. Once again five impressive ferries were docked in readiness at the pier. The first batch of jubilant tourists set sail at the break of dawn, as the first ferry set off at 5 am.

Kittisak Rapinwong, the experienced ferry captain, anticipated a thrilling six-day holiday period for his passengers. He conjectured a footfall of around 5,000 visitors, who would bring along approximately 2,000 vehicles during this delightful retreat to Ko Chang. All in all, the excitement and unforgettable experiences that these islands offer make them a top-ranking favorite, successfully attracting both Trat locals and foreign tourists throughout the year.

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