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Jetbodin Prakoonsuksapan Leads Aura Wellness’s Digital Transformation with SAP S/4HANA Implementation

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Aura Wellness, a dynamic lifestyle health and beauty enterprise, is excited to announce its collaboration with Bluebik, a leading digital transformation consulting firm, to usher in the future with the deployment of SAP S/4HANA. This state-of-the-art cloud-based business management software promises to revolutionize their operations, enhancing data precision, integrating departmental workflows effortlessly, and providing robust security measures. The adoption of SAP S/4HANA is set to become the cornerstone of Aura Wellness’s ambitious growth trajectory, laying a strong foundation for the future success of its health and beauty ventures.

Mr. Jetbodin Prakoonsuksapan, the visionary Founder and CEO of Aura Wellness Group, emphasized, “In the fiercely competitive health and beauty sector, staying ahead of the curve is imperative. Business owners need to be in a constant state of expansion and vigilance. To support our extensive client base, we operate through over 13 branches of Aura Bangkok Clinic that span Bangkok and its metropolitan area, securing our position as market leaders. We’re also branching out into dietary supplements and spa services. Leveraging advanced technology is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.”

He elaborated, “After evaluating numerous ERP systems, we realized that to accelerate our growth, we need a system capable of supporting significant business expansion. SAP S/4HANA stands out as the ideal solution, offering a solid infrastructure to ensure smooth and accurate business operations, which is vital for our rapid expansion.”

Equally important as the system itself, the team tasked with its development and implementation, ensuring it aligns with Aura Wellness’s specific business objectives, is indispensable. With Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK) and SAP on board, Aura Wellness is making a significant investment in advancing its system capabilities, confident in Bluebik’s extensive experience and expertise in digital transformation.

Mr. Pochara Arayakarnkul, CEO of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “We at Bluebik are profoundly honored to have earned Aura Wellness’s trust in developing a system to spearhead their future growth. Effective internal resource management is crucial for business expansion. A proficient ERP system will be the bedrock for efficient operations, improved data and financial management, and substantial future growth.”

Adding to this, Mr. Warat Laithong, ERP Advisory Director at Bluebik Group Public Company Limited, elaborated that their experience with SAP systems positions them to significantly boost Aura Wellness’s cross-sector visibility. Whether in the beauty clinic, dietary supplements, or spa businesses, SAP S/4HANA will streamline document preparation, accelerate accounting processes, and enhance backend operational agility. Moreover, it harnesses Big Data for insightful processing and analysis, paving the way for innovation and new business ventures.

Ms. Kulwipa Piyawattanametha, Managing Director of the Indochina Region at SAP Thailand, expressed her delight, “SAP Thailand is thrilled to partner with Aura Wellness in selecting the ERP Cloud solution and Grow with SAP. This collaboration underscores our commitment to bringing innovations that support sustainable business growth in Thailand and beyond. The SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition will enhance agility across all business units and subsidiaries, enabling precise real-time data analysis and AI-powered decision-making. Seamless integration with various internal systems, including HR, sales, accounting, and product management, ensures a future-ready, adaptable business model.”

This partnership marks a significant milestone for the health and beauty industry. The synergy between Bluebik and SAP will propel Aura Wellness towards a global presence. The SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition will efficiently manage data, cut management costs, provide accurate performance metrics, and support rapid adaptation in today’s tech-driven landscape.


  1. Sophia K July 10, 2024

    I’m skeptical about all these new technologies. What if this doesn’t deliver as promised?

    • Mr. Techie July 10, 2024

      Trust me, SAP S/4HANA has a solid track record in revolutionizing business operations. It’s not just hype.

      • Sophia K July 10, 2024

        I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m not convinced just yet.

    • Paul J. July 10, 2024

      Businesses can’t afford to be left behind in this fast-paced world. Embracing technology is not optional anymore.

      • Sophia K July 10, 2024

        Sure, but isn’t there a risk of it disrupting current workflows? What if the transition isn’t smooth?

      • Paul J. July 10, 2024

        True, there are always risks, but that’s where expert consultancy firms like Bluebik come into play. Their experience minimizes these disruptions.

  2. Liam Davis July 10, 2024

    Honestly, Aura Wellness is making a smart move. ERP systems like SAP are the backbone of modern business.

    • SkepticalSam July 10, 2024

      Yeah, but aren’t these systems expensive? How can smaller businesses afford it?

      • Liam Davis July 10, 2024

        They are an investment, but the long-term gains in efficiency and scalability often outweigh the initial costs.

      • Eva Green July 10, 2024

        Plus, there are various financial models and subscriptions that make it more accessible than you’d think.

  3. technojunky37 July 10, 2024

    The real winner here is SAP. It’s mind-blowing how they dominate the ERP market.

    • Analyst_21 July 10, 2024

      You’re right, but the competition is catching up. Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics aren’t far behind.

      • technojunky37 July 10, 2024

        True, but SAP’s reputation and extensive module offerings give it an edge.

    • Jill S. July 10, 2024

      But reputation alone won’t last forever. Continuous innovation is key.

  4. Megan P. July 10, 2024

    How does this benefit their customers directly though? Will we see an improvement in services?

    • BusinessPro July 10, 2024

      Better internal processes usually translate to better customer experiences – faster services, accurate order processing, etc.

      • Megan P. July 10, 2024

        I hope you’re right. As a customer, I’ll keep an eye out for these improvements.

    • DataDiva July 10, 2024

      Customers will benefit from the improved data insights too. Tailored services and personalized marketing perhaps?

  5. Rick Wilhelm July 10, 2024

    Kudos to Jetbodin and Aura Wellness for this bold step. The future is now!

    • Future Skeptic July 10, 2024

      Bold, sure, but jumping on every tech bandwagon isn’t always wise. Measured steps are key.

      • Rick Wilhelm July 10, 2024

        I agree, but from what’s described here, this move seems calculated and strategic, not just following a trend.

  6. TechGuruNYC July 10, 2024

    Bluebik partnering with Aura Wellness and SAP is a powerhouse combo. This will set new industry standards.

    • DaveTech July 10, 2024

      For sure, but it’ll be interesting to see how rivals respond. The market is fiercely competitive.

    • TechGuruNYC July 10, 2024

      Absolutely, competition breeds innovation. Everyone wins at the end of the day.

  7. Sharon J. July 10, 2024

    What about data security? Rolling out new systems can open up vulnerabilities.

  8. SecurityExpert July 10, 2024

    That’s a valid concern, but SAP S/4HANA is known for its robust security features. Aura Wellness will need to stay vigilant regardless.

  9. Candace M. July 10, 2024

    I wonder how this will change day-to-day operations for Aura Wellness employees. Will there be a steep learning curve?

    • Jonas Smith July 10, 2024

      Undoubtedly, but with proper training and support from Bluebik, the transition should be manageable.

  10. Chris July 10, 2024

    Corporate partnerships like these always sound great, but I’m more interested in seeing tangible results.

  11. Marie L. July 10, 2024

    Exciting times for Aura Wellness! I expect nothing but improved services and new innovations.

  12. Timothy R. July 10, 2024

    The cloud-based nature of SAP S/4HANA is what’s most impressive to me. Future-proof and scalable.

  13. greenbeauty101 July 10, 2024

    As someone who’s a frequent customer of Aura Wellness, I’m looking forward to seeing how these improvements materialize.

  14. OverIt July 10, 2024

    More tech jargon that only benefits the bigwigs. What about the everyday customer?

  15. AcademicKate July 10, 2024

    The integration of various departments within Aura Wellness will likely lead to more efficient services and possibly lower costs in the long run.

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