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Jirayu Houngsub Spearheads Thailand’s Land and Electricity Reform: A Visionary Blend of Heritage and Progress

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In the heart of political maneuverings and strategic realignments, a story unfolds that might not make the headlines but definitely piques the curiosity of one too many. At the center of this narrative is Jirayu Houngsub, a man whose title as the spokesperson for political affairs at the Defence Ministry barely scratches the surface of the pivotal role he plays. With the poise of a seasoned diplomat and the savvy of a chess grandmaster, Jirayu is orchestrating the transfer of the Kantarat Golf Course to Airports of Thailand (AOT) – a move that has more layers than an onion.

Tasked by none other than Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and Defence Minister Klungsang, Jirayu leads a committee with a vision far grander than merely transferring land. They are on a mission—a mission to recalibrate the use of military land for the greater good, starting with the symbolically charged Kantarat Golf Course. This land, with every blade of grass steeped in history, is poised for a transformation that will see airplanes, not golf balls, flying across its expanse.

With each meeting and consultation, Jirayu and his team are penning a new chapter in the annals of Thailand. In a move that blends tradition with progress, they’ve garnered the support of the RTAF’s commander-in-chief, ACM Phanpakdee Pattanakul. Together, they envision an airport expansion that promises to connect people, dreams, and destinations in ways previously unimagined. Meanwhile, compensation for the RTAF is on the agenda, ensuring the military’s noble service is acknowledged through the development of a new sport complex at the Thupatemi Golf Course in Pathum Thani. This isn’t merely a transaction; it’s a transformation.

But wait, the plot thickens. The industrious Jirayu has another ace up his sleeve—a sub-committee with a mission that hits closer to home for the residents of Sattahip district in Chon Buri. Imagine living in a district where your daily electricity is courtesy of the Royal Thai Navy. Quaint? Perhaps. Efficient? That’s up for debate. After 80 years of this unique arrangement, the winds of change are blowing, with Jirayu at the helm.

The story of Sattahip is one of evolution. From a strategic navy base under the cloak of a Cold War-era security law, to a bustling district with the allure of hotels and resorts beckoning tourists and businesses alike. The people of Sattahip are yearning for a change—a transition to the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) that promises efficiency and enhanced services. Jirayu’s sub-committee is the bridge between tradition and progress, weighing the delicate balance of national security and public convenience.

In essence, Jirayu Houngsub’s initiatives are not just about land or electricity; they are about reimagining the fabric of society. Through the lens of land conversion and energy reform, Jirayu and his team are weaving a narrative of transformation, progress, and connection. This story, rooted in the past yet reaching towards the future, demonstrates the complex dance between heritage and innovation—a dance that Thailand is performing with grace under the guidance of individuals like Jirayu Houngsub.


  1. EcoWarrior22 March 4, 2024

    This whole land conversion thing smells fishy to me. Isn’t this just a fancy way to gloss over the military relinquishing control for profit? What about the environmental impact?

    • FiscalHawk101 March 4, 2024

      I think you’re missing the point. This isn’t about profit but progression. Thailand is developing, and these strategic moves allow for infrastructure that supports growth. Plus, isn’t better management of resources a good thing?

      • EcoWarrior22 March 4, 2024

        Development at what cost, though? And who really benefits from this so-called ‘infrastructure’? I worry we’re trading green spaces for concrete jungles and calling it ‘progress’.

    • GreenThumb88 March 4, 2024

      Actually, if they’re planning on building a new sports complex, doesn’t that suggest a commitment to green spaces? It’s important to read between the lines and see the potential for positive change.

  2. TechBuff March 4, 2024

    The part about Sattahip and its electricity supply is fascinating. Transitioning the electricity service to PEA could be a game changer for local businesses and residents. Efficiency is key in the modern world.

    • LocalLoyalist March 4, 2024

      Change isn’t always good. What if this transition compromises our security? The Navy’s control isn’t just about power supply; it’s about ensuring the district’s strategic security. We shouldn’t overlook that.

      • TechBuff March 4, 2024

        Understood, but consider the potential for technological advancement and improved services. Security won’t necessarily be compromised by improving infrastructure and efficiency.

  3. HistoryHustler March 4, 2024

    It’s remarkable to witness a piece of our history, like the Kantarat Golf Course, evolve into something that could shape our future. It’s a perfect blend of preserving heritage while embracing progress.

    • NostalgiaNed March 4, 2024

      Preserve heritage? By transforming a historical site into an airport extension? That’s erasing history, not preserving it. We’re losing more than we gain here.

      • ModernMindset March 4, 2024

        But isn’t the ability to adapt and evolve part of our heritage too? We respect our past by making sure it serves our future. This project could be a testament to that philosophy.

  4. PolicyPundit March 4, 2024

    Jirayu Houngsub seems like the right man for the job. His blend of diplomatic acumen and strategic vision could really make these initiatives successful. It’s interesting to see politics and progress intertwine like this.

  5. SkepticalSteve March 4, 2024

    All this talk of progress and transformation, but at what cost? Land and electricity are critical resources. Handing them over or transforming their use requires more than just a vision; it demands responsibility and foresight.

  6. Vivian March 4, 2024

    It’s all too easy to criticize from the sidelines. Why not look at the massive potential benefits here? More than just an airport or electricity reform, this is about modernizing Thailand and preparing it for the future.

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